Site update

I discovered that for some reason I lost the file with Rainfire’s bio; I’ve begun work to reconstruct it. I’ve also added a little bit to the Holt history page.

Nightwisp’s player has submitted art for the page, and this art can now be found on it: check out Nightwisp’s bio for a picture of her, and check out the bottom of Rillwhisper’s bio for a shot of Rill and her lifemates enjoying a swim in the Holt pond.

Zalen’s bio has been added, and the various green ball graphics have been replaced with green leaves.

The “How to Contact Members of the Willowholt” page has had Nightwisp removed from the Pacific time zone due to her having a new player. As Sweetleaf is now deceased, and also since his player has now moved back East, he has been removed from the Pacific time zone as well.

The “Members of the Willowholt” page has been prettied up; yes, I’m using tables there, but I think I’ve done it in a lynx-friendly fashion, at least according to my version of lynx. If yours says otherwise, please to let me know. I have also changed Jylien’s name from Pwyll, and have added the rest of the Holt’s current guests.

Site update

“What’s New” page added. Rainfire’s bio updated; Holt members list has been updated to reflect Twilight’s name change to Moonlight, and Starcrawler has been removed from the Holt guest list.