Yule comes early!

I would like to issue public thanks to userinfomaellenkleth for the kind gift of a couple of 32GB memory cards, suitable for use in my nook!

This now means that the Nookronomicon is now outfitted with a TON more space. I’m thinking I’m going to put the Read books on the memory card, since access to files on it is noticeably slower than in main memory–but that’s fine since those will be lower priority books. The Read non-B&N books, anyway; I’m not sure if I want to bother to put the B&N books I’ve read there, since I’ve been just marking those as Archived on the device, which automatically removes them, and if I want them back I can just unarchive them. And I’ve got local copies on my computer.

This should be nifty, though! And now clearly I need LOTS MORE BOOKS to fill out all this nifty space. :D

Thanks very much, userinfomaellenkleth!