A bold new era of Internet that doesn’t suck

We’re not quite done settling everything on the new net yet. But I can bring you this tasty evidence of our new bandwidth:

Meanwhile: for those of you who connect to the Murkmush via newmoon, you might find that you can’t get to the MUSH from that server. If so, you might try connecting to lodestone instead and running tinyfugue there. I encourage people to run tf on newmoon usually but we do have an install of it on lodestone as well.

userinfosolarbird reminds me that the address on newmoon has in fact been turned off, since unlike lodestone and door, newmoon can’t handle two addresses at once. For web purposes, this is really only of interest to those of you for whom we’re supporting mail on domains as well as web. If we’re supporting mail for you, your web hits go by default to newmoon, and I have to punt them over to lodestone instead. But since newmoon can’t talk to the old address any more, this means newmoon will just lose any hits sent to domains that still map to it.

Long story short, just keep doublechecking if your domains have caught up with the new IP addresses yet. Let me know if you have any questions!