Murkworks web update

For those of you keeping track, DNS changes have as of this afternoon still not fully made it out into the wild. I’m seeing several of our domains at half-propped status, with both versions (with and without www) not agreeing on whether they’re pointing at the old addresses or the new ones.

I cannot currently tell if this is an Apache problem, because the old addresses are not answering connections at all–if I try to throw my web browser directly at or, the connection times out and never actually makes it to the servers. So there’s nothing in the Apache logs for me to debug. Note that the exact same servers are happily accepting web connections sent to the new addresses, though.

So, if you have web content with us on the Murk and you still can’t get to it, have patience and keep checking. Your domain probably isn’t fully propped yet. If you want to doublecheck whether it has or not, and you don’t know how to do that, here’s how:

  • Windows computers: Open a command prompt and type ‘nslookup’, then a space, then your domain. For example, ‘nslookup’.
  • Mac computers or Linux: Open a command prompt and do the same thing as with a Windows computer, only using the ‘host’ command instead of ‘nslookup’. For example, ‘host’.

If you get back an address that starts with 209, that’s the old address. One that starts with 173 is the new one.

Questions, let me know! And thanks for your patience, Murknet peeps!

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  1. The problem is between iinet and door. If I do a traceroute to, it traces through iinet to “” ( and then times out. ping and telnet to port 80 are both unresponsive.

    At this point AFAICT only is pointed at iinet, thanks to having 3rd party DNS. If their DNS can actually *get* updated, I’d say don’t worry about the kludge; they only have another day before their cache times out, and you’ll be good to go.

    1. I’m not sure what the problem is specifically–it’s tough to diagnose outside the Murk because Dara says she’s packet-blocking ping and traceroute anyway to newmoon and lodestone. So those aren’t going to be helpful.

      I don’t have quite enough net fu to know what else to check though.

  2. Well up here in Victoria BC, DNS is returning the new IP address so it’s good here.

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