Help Solarbird and me name our new iPads!

Thanks to shiny bonus goodness, (and to the iPad 2’s just coming out) userinfosolarbird and I have succumbed to this particular form of Apple shiny! We’ve opted for two white models, each with 64G capacity and Wi-Fi only, since we didn’t feel like shelling out for an extra 3G plan on top of what we’re already paying for my phone. We had to order them from given that they cannot be found for love or money ANYWHERE in the Puget Sound area (my lack of surprise, let me show you it), and so now we get to wait until mid-April for them to show up.

Which means of course that we have plenty of time to consider a CRITICAL QUESTION: what in the world are we going to name them?

As I’ve mentioned before our usual computer naming scheme at the Murkworks is to name all our computers after Elfquest characters. But as these are iPads, they’re not quite in the “computer” category, and neither are they in the “auxiliary devices” category, so the floor is really kind of wide open!

Here are the options we’ve considered so far:

  • “Kim” and “Shego”, from Kim Possible (mmm, femmeslashtastic)
  • “Ichimaitan” and “Nimaitan”, based on the Japanese counting system for flat things (hee hee hee), and also on OS tan girls
  • Naming them after two Go-Backs, given that Go-Backs tend to be less clever than other elves ;) (note: “Kahvi” is already claimed as a name of Dara’s studio workstation)

Any other clever ideas? Submit your nominations now! Bonus points for any references to names that go well together in pairs, especially if they’re twins, since these are the exact same model of iPad! I’ll do an actual poll at the beginning of April. :D