Need your healing thoughts for my young cousin

Not to be Massive Downer Girl or anything, but I’ve recently gotten news from the family that one of my young cousins, Phillip, has been diagnosed with some hardcore Stage 4 cancer. Without going into too much detail about that (since I don’t have his permission or that of his parents to talk about it in detail online), I’ll simply say that he’s been in the hospital this week dealing with surgery. And suffice to say that there’s a whole hell of a lot of stress going on over in that branch of the family.

Since all of my family members are three whole time zones away from me I’m pretty removed from it all, but through the wonders of email and text messaging, I’m still in the loop. And even though I don’t know Phillip at all, I DO know and remember his parents, and it’s wigging me out a bit that they’re having to go through this with their son. Especially since I’ve gone a couple rounds with cancer myself. Yeah, mine was Stage 0, but nonetheless, I’ve had enough experience to begin to get an idea of the shit this kid is having to go through right now.

So I’d like to put out a call for your all’s prayers to whatever powers you call upon, or if you’re not the praying type, your best wishes and healing thoughts. Direct anything you got at my cousin Phillip, if you please, with the hope that he can fight this fight with everything he’s got and be around to tell the tale after.

Thanks all.

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    1. Thank you very much. There’s not much I can do from three time zones away, but if I can get people keeping Phillip in their thoughts, that’s something!

    1. *smiles* Thanks. And I could get way more profane in my sentiments, but there are only so many words LJ and WordPress will let me cram into a tag!

  1. Survived skin cancer three times. While mine was the least dangerous type, I know what it feels like when the doctor says the word CANCER.
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll pray for the best for your cousin Phillip.


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