Another quickie book roundup post

userinfosolarbird relayed to me that Amazon lost its suit over the Kindle book deletion brouhaha and will be taking steps to insure that books cannot be deleted off a Kindle without user consent, unless the content has been identified as a virus or a Trojan horse of some kind. Which is fine by me, and enough to make me reverse my personal ban on having the Kindle app on my iPhone.

Which is good, because there are a few books that are available electronically only in Kindle format, such as an SF novel called Arapeta by New Zealand author Peter Tashkoff, which I’d added to my To-Read list a while back. My only options for getting hold of a copy of this were either ordering a print copy, or getting the Kindle version. Now I have the Kindle version. Yay!

Meanwhile I have also bought J.C. Hutchins’ 7th Son from Barnes and Noble’s e-book store. This is the print edition of a story that’s seen quite a bit of love in podcast form, and which eventually scored the author a print contract. The whole situation is pretty cool to me, since Hutchins had originally tried to pitch his story to the traditional publishers, without any luck; he then turned to making it a podcast, which finally actually got him a print contract. Plus, the story sounds pretty fun; it’s an SF thriller involving cloning and political machinations, and it starts with a bang with the President being assassinated by a four-year-old boy.

This brings me up to 170 books for the year. And Fictionwise is trying to tempt me again with a 15% off coupon I got as part of a monthly drawing, too! Ohnoez! ;)