Outer Alliance spotlight on me!

Check it out, you guys! The kindly , @omgjulia on Twitter, the driving force behind the Spotlight posts on outeralliance.org, has just put one up on, well, me! *^_^*;;

She winged me these questions the weekend just before Thanksgiving, and this was lovely turnaround time in getting the article posted. Go read if you like, and while you’re over there, don’t forget to check out the rest of the Spotlight posts on Outer Alliance authors!

4 Replies to “Outer Alliance spotlight on me!”

  1. Thanks for volunteering to be in the Spotlight! Your answers were a lot of fun. I wish you lived closer to me, because I would totally go to your jam sessions if I could!

    1. Thank YOU! And aw, I’m glad to hear that our Jams sound fun to you! If you ever do happen to be in the area and that coincides with a scheduled one, hey, give me a shout! :)

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