High Wind Watch for the Seattle area

For those of you who aren’t following me on Twitter or Facebook, y’all be advised that we have a Wind Advisory up for today and tomorrow and a High Wind Watch for Monday evening and Tuesday. Looks like we have the potential for some nasty gusts. Cross your fingers that this blows over (aheh) without coming to fruition, hey? Not only would a decent windstorm be guaranteed to knock out power at the Murk, it’d probably put a nasty crimp in our ability to get a very important project done at work!

You can read both the Advisory and Watch data over here.

ETA 6:25pm: And oh hey, the Seattle Times has an article up now. The money quote here being “If projections play out, it will be the strongest windstorm of the season”.

So keep a sharp eye on the weather forecasts, people. This could get crunchy.

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  1. Yeah, things are reasonably calm here in Kenmore as well. But if I understand the forecast correctly, if things kick in as expected, we won’t see interesting winds until later tonight, and the real fun will be tomorrow and Tuesday.

    Also, hello person I haven’t seen comment here before. :)

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