And speaking of movies

Finally also saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with userinfosolarbird and userinfospazzkat last night, at the Meridian downtown after work. That was fun.

I expect everybody and their grandmother’s already seen this one too, but I’ll keep reasonably spoiler-free anyway and simply that that for my money, this implementation of the plot was a lot tighter than the book. They did a decent job culling the big honking brick that is Book 6 down to movie-length, I think. By necessity this does mean that there’s a certain lack of depth to what’s left on screen, but that’s kind of okay for me still; we’re closing in on the big climactic end to the saga, so it feels okay to get more epic in scope and to have less focus on the day to day details of what’s going on.

Plus, I must say that this was a visually stunning movie as well. We all felt that the Obligatory Quidditch Scene(TM) made quidditch actually look like a sport, which was pretty neat. Also neat to see them playing during a snowstorm. AND… oh okay, so I’ll get at least a little spoilery…

The scene towards the end where Harry and Dumbledore are sneaking into the cave to swipe the Horcrux was decently creepy, even if we all were going “OHNOEZ Harry is getting glommed by the All Singing All Dancing All Gollum Zombie Cabaret!” And seeing Dumbledore cut loose with the setting the lake on fire? DAMN, Albus! That? That is why you do not fuck with Dumbledore.

Man, and this is what he can do when he’s at the end of his life, an old and wizened wizard. I just get a little in awe thinking about what he must have been capable of when he was in his prime. Wow.