Heat wave in Seattle may take down the Murk

As many of y’all know we’re heading into what’s getting called a probable record-breaking heat wave here in the greater Seattle area. Which does, in a word, suck.

It sucks extra given that the Murk does not have full-house AC. While we do have a nice little portable unit we can park in the media room, and which will therefore keep userinfosolarbird, userinforisu, userinfospazzkat, and myself from melting into shapeless puddles, our server closet isn’t so lucky. It’s gotten pretty hot in there today and the heat wave is only just getting started.

So Dara fears she may have to conduct controlled shutdowns of our servers during the hottest parts of the day so as to prevent the boxes from overheating and frying themselves. Should this happen, mail and web services hosted by the Murk will unfortunately be affected. So if you’re wondering where any of the blogs we host went, or why our mailing lists aren’t relaying mail, or why the MurkMUSH went down, this’ll be why.

We’ll try to get notice out as we can, but that notice may by necessity be short. Keep an eye on userinfomurknet for any updates as they happen. And if you need to get in touch with me for any reason this week, it’ll probably be better to do so at my gmail address.

Thanks all, and those of you in the PNW, stay cool!