Things I forgot to mention from over the weekend

I have bought more books:

  • userinfoblackaire‘s Street Magic (which y’all may recall I read earlier this year in ARC form, and which I liked quite a bit)
  • Phaedra Weldon‘s Wraith (which got my attention because of its cover blurb referencing Tanya Huff’s Vicki Nelsons, which is a really good way to get my attention)
  • J.D. Robb’s latest In Death, Salvation in Death, because obligatory
  • Steve Alten’s The Loch, an impulse buy off the grocery rack, and,
  • The first graphic novel volume of the adaptation of Storm Front, because also obligatory

This brings the total number of books purchased this year up to 35. For general reference I am also actually ahead of this count still, with books read–I’m just behind on posting reviews. But more reviews are coming!

(Special side note to userinforaecarson: I just finished userinfoccfinlay‘s The Patriot Witch on my way home tonight and liked it quite a bit! I will be buying book 2.)

Meanwhile it must also be said that userinfospazzkat, userinfosolarbird, and I saw Up this weekend, and it was charming and delightful indeed. Not as epic as Wall-E, to be sure, nor quite as magically enchanting as Ratatouille, but still a masterwork nonetheless. There is a certain sweet emotional maturity to Ed Asner’s cranky old man’s character arc that I really liked. Also? The talking dog totally runs off with the movie. <3 userinfosolarbird is going to Boston tomorrow for a high school reunion, a visit with userinfolyonesse, and a surprise gig at a local farmer’s market! Which is awesome. But I shall have to stay behind as I don’t have enough leave saved up yet to go with her. My first bit of leave-spending gets to come next month when we go to DISNEYLAND!

Also: I have purchased Plants Vs. Zombies, and am on level 3-9, and it is kicking my ass. But it is also bringing me massive amounts of amusement, and I can’t get the damn theme song out of my head. Because there are zombies on my lawn. ZOMBIES, I TELL YOU!