Wait, what? There’s Faerie Blood news? There IS!

Ladies and gentlemen, as of tonight I received from my editor her requested edits on Faerie Blood, and I have commenced sweeping through them. Furthermore, for icing on the cake, I have reviewed photos of several young women who might be potential inspiration for what my heroine could look like; think cover art here, people. And now, let me take a moment to stand back and admire this entire concept.

I’m reviewing changes. And cover art possibilities. From my editor. For my forthcoming book.

Aheh. Er. Sorry. That little squeeful squeak noise you just heard was me.

I just finished reviewing the changes on Chapter 1, of which there were not many. I’m going to see how fast I can plow through these over the weekend and get them back to my editor, and then we can see what happens next. I can’t guarantee Faerie Blood will be out by the end of April… but folks, we’re getting closer now.

I did edit a bit more of Lament as well last night, adding in about a paragraph. But Lament just dropped down the priority queue now that I’ve got these changes to review.

And we’ll see if Kendis winds up on the cover. I told my editor that I’ve always rather envisioned her as the child that Leetah and Rayek never had in Elfquest, and pointed her at the panel where Leetah and Rayek first come on camera in the online EQ archives. Maybe between that and one promising actual photo in the lot I’ve reviewed, we can come up with what Miss Kendis Thompson actually looks like.

Cross your fingers, folks, and watch this space for further updates!