I am still on hiatus but Drollerie is not!

Most of you who read this are probably seeing the news elsewhere, but just in case: Drollerie is promoting Read an E-Book Week by handing out various free copies of our authors’ works. You have until Saturday to scamper over yonder for a shot at free e-book goodness, including participating in a drawing of all registered users on the site for a whole bunch of free Drollerie books.

Also as a general heads up, if you miss out on this event, be on the lookout for further goodness next month as Drollerie celebrates its second anniversary.

And of course, watch this space for news on when you can find Faerie Blood available there, too. It’ll be a bit yet–my editor has a lot of work to do on books besides mine, and at any rate, I’m still coming back from surgery mode. But in the meantime I will in particular point y’all at Sarah Avery’s Closing Arguments and Joely Sue Burkhart’s Beautiful Death. Especially the latter. In addition to being a nice little SF romance, the book itself is gorgeous even in PDF form, and I very much would like to own a physical copy of it.

So go help Joely out and check out her book. Tell her I sent you!