Site update

Some girls, when they get depressed, go and get their hair done. Me, I overhaul my web page. Though this has taken a LOT longer than I intended, courtesy of me breaking my arm in June and having to type one-handed for the past eight weeks, I have finally now finished the latest version of this site.

Big change in the overall look and feel, y’all will notice; going for a minimalist look, and have also been playing with being less heavy on the graphics and trying to do more with color and layout. The look around here will change on a seasonal basis now as well.

Of main interest in terms of the update record is that you can now search for certain types of updates if there is a particular section of my site you like to keep track of: e.g., my writing, my MUSH logs, my jamming group, whatever.

My MUSH logs are now searchable, though they have been set in two separate archives since all of my Two Moons MUSH stuff is in its own direcyory. But I have also tried to better organize the TM stuff.

I have a couple new pages… a little honor page mostly for my parents, but also because I wanted to have a place to have the blurb I had posted for 9/11. And I linked my resume in, and added a page that goes into geek mode about how this version of my site is put together. My journal section is gone; I moved the old entries out of there into backdated entries on my Livejournal, which gets its own link on the menu now.

There are other little things I have done here and there, all mostly in the name of fixing broken stuff and in general making this place cleaner and easier to maintain. I’m probably forgetting something, but this is what I get for having been spending the last eight weeks doing the broken arm thing!

As before I have attempted to test on as many browsers as I have had available to encourage cross-browser compatibility, but if you see something that is broken on a specific browser let me know. For that matter, if you see anything at all that’s broken, let me know. I’ve probably missed several things. :)

Lastly, I will be mirroring a big chunk of this site to my secondary account at, so y’all will be able to visit there for much of my stuff should fall off the face of the planet.

Hope y’all like the new look.