Site update

Last week’s lateness habit has been busted, in honor of it being the Weekend Before Anna’s Birthday jam — and in honor of having a brand new public take to share with y’all. Check out our version of “You Woke Up My Neighborhood” and let us know what you think of Patrick’s ending, folks! And for details of the session that produced this, Jam #34 is now posted for your reading pleasure.

Sparky in Rochester, a reader from over on, informs us that she never misses a Jam Report. To which we must saw, “Awwww gawrsh!”, while muttering to each other, “Whoa, somebody actually reads these things?” Sparky further requests of us that we should include a Piebook on our web page, to which I will note that this was in fact part of the original plan for our webpage. Watch this space for forthcoming recipes for Pies We Have Known and Loved.

Dana informs me that she has acquired a cello. She does not in fact know how to play the cello, but we are quite interested in seeing this new lovely of hers — and seeing whether we can work it into something pretty!

And lastly, because I have finally actually played my octave mandolin in a Jam, my bigger baby has been added to my roster of instruments. Just because. ;)