Site update

Apparently, the beginning of a new year has not yet broken me of my habit of writing jam reports late, folks — but I got a good excuse, honest, I’ve been learning all sorts of new chords! For the details, check out Jam #33 1/3!

We have in fact now commenced group discussion about busking at Folklife, which has become an official goal now. The folks at Folklife inform me in email that Seattle Center is in the middle of setting new policies for busking for this year’s festival, and once those are posted on their website, we’ll know what to do to actually be able to show up and make public nuisances of ourselves. We hope. In the meantime, it has also occurred to us that what we really need is to have a Kitchen Party, but we appear to have a sad dearth of Canadians in the immediate vicinity. Siiiiiigh!

The folks at CDKU do not remember us, sadly. Oh well, if we do in fact have a dozen fans in Halifax, we’ll have to find some other way of getting in touch with them!

And I must further gush about good news related to my brother Donnie’s band, Outspoken, who are almost done recording their album here in Seattle. Donnie has relayed to me that they had the great fortune of being able to hire Paul Buckmaster, who is evidently Extremely Famous(TM), to come in and write a string arrangement for them for one of their tracks. They also brought in a 24-piece string ensemble to perform his composition, and Donnie got the whole thing on his camcorder. I’m here to tell y’all, there are few things finer than hearing five cellos go to town on a piece of music.