Site update

The problem with being more of a textual artist than a visual one is that in the ongoing quest to Make One’s Webpage Look Cool, it is often very difficult to get a look you really like. I’ve spent a good portion of the last year or so discontented with the overall look and feel of my webpage, yet failing to find anything out there on the web in the way of coordinated graphic sets that really float my boat.

Now, mind you, I live in a house with multiple artistic types, so you’d think I could draft one of them to whip up a set of graphics for me — but then again, I also own a copy of Paint Shop Pro and so I decided to try my hand at actually rolling my own coordinated graphics. The current look of this site is the result, courtesy of PSP 7’s “Oak Leaves” tube and a lot of patient fiddling around. What can I say, I dig leaves. I also dig green as a rule, but decided to branch into a different color scheme for once. I will be developing a green color scheme to go along with this red one eventually, but for now, one set of graphics is enough!

2001 is shaping up not only as the Year That Anna Remembers That She is In Fact A Musician, but also The Year That Anna Discovers How to Play Pretty Tricks with Javascript. I’ve not only finally given in to the craze to make mouseover graphics on that menu over there to the left, but I’ve also learned how to make the blurb up top change with each mouseover. The problem is that the method of doing this trick varies across browsers, so I’ve had to learn how to do it in Internet Explorer and Netscape 4.7x and Netscape 6. Browser incompatibility sucks.

I’ve made a whole bunch of changes around here to the overall content of the site — not only in recent months in general but also with this overhaul in particular. Some old portions of my site have been removed entirely, like the New Republic web page and the Sanctuary web page.

Major new highlights of my site, however, include:

  • A new Journal section
  • My Friends, Romans, and Countrymen Links being moved out to the new Kith and Kin page
  • The Filk section turning into an overall Music section
  • A new Writing section
  • A place to put Credits where credits are due

Last but not least I have finally added a Sitemap to keep track of the mess of data I have around here. If you’re looking for something in particular and can’t find it, let me recommend that you check there. It should help.

Hope you enjoy the new look, y’all. Feel free to yak at me and let me know your thoughts!