Tonight’s adventures in Nethack

One of the side effects of userinfospazzkat playing all this Skyrim here at the Murk: I’ve totally gotten back onto a Nethack kick.

I had a great game going, and fired up the save file from yesterday’s run tonight. I was in Sokoban and died horribly, like ya do, ’cause, well, Nethack. I proceeded to have the following conversation with userinfokisanthe:

userinfoannathepiper: I’m in the middle of Serious Nethack May Be Serious
userinfoannathepiper: Level 11 character currently in Sokoban
userinfokisanthe: Ooh! Hope it’s the Bag of Holding Sokoban.
userinfoannathepiper: SHIT DEAD
userinfoannathepiper: Hallucinating and burdened and surrounded and then a damn incubus started taking my armor off!
userinfoannathepiper: Also, it was the amulet of reflection sokoban!
userinfokisanthe: …okay, that’s not funny, but it is funny.
userinfoannathepiper: It was, really ;)
userinfoannathepiper: I was cheerfully sneaking through the final treasure room killing monsters one at a time and then a damn black light went off
userinfoannathepiper: And then suddenly HELLO EVERYBODY AWAKE!
userinfokisanthe: You’d think a *black* light wouldn’t wake everybody up!
userinfoannathepiper: So I backed into a corner and started shooting everything in sight, until the incubus showed up!
userinfokisanthe: So, assuming the black light affected the critters it woke up too… you died naked in a big murderous hallucinatory orgy?
userinfoannathepiper: Yeah pretty much XD
userinfokisanthe: Best way to go! ;)

And now in my current game, I was hungry, so I whipped out a tin and discovered it contained pickled dwarf. There I am nomming it, and the next monster I see? A dwarf. And all I can think is AWK-WARD!

The Adventures of Natil the Elf Ranger, Part 1 and counting

It’s been quite a while since I’ve played Nethack–and I’m kind of surprised that on a day that ISN’T a full moon, I’ve got a serious Ascension candidate!

Short form: Natil the Elf Ranger has completed the Quest and is now seeking a ring of levitation so that she can finish Fort Ludios. She’s currently at Exp. level 16, HP 114, and AC -38! Thanks to early wands of wishing as well as other lucky finds she is armored for bear, with gray dragon scale mail, speed boots, gauntlets of dex, and a shield of reflection. She’s armed with her original elven dagger as well as the Longbow of Diana.

Wish her luck, folks. Details for the Nethack geeks behind the fold!

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