New Valor of the Healer giveaway starting RIGHT NOW!

The fine folks at Carina Press are promoting me today, with some tweets and Facebook posts going up! The first of the promo tweets just went up a little while ago, and it should surprise exactly NONE OF YOU that this is what it says:

Raise Your Hand if You're Surprised
Raise Your Hand if You’re Surprised

Now, this is all very well and lovely (and in fact you should also soon be seeing a tweet go up about how I once stood three feet from Russell Crowe and my brain fell RIGHT OUT OF MY HEAD), but it occurs to me: why should Carina get to have all the fun here? I am a complex, living organism! And just like Scully once said unto Mulder, I just keep unfolding like a flower. I have LAYERS!

So starting RIGHT NOW, O Internets, I’m throwing open a brand new giveaway: spread your own promo tweets, Facebook posts, etc. about me and Valor of the Healer! The rules are as follows:

  • You have to link to my official site,, or use this for a short URL:
  • Or you can link to Valor of the Healer’s official page, or use this for a short URL:
  • Or, if you want to encourage your friends to jump in too, link directly to this post! Or use this as a short URL:
  • You have to share one fun fact about me! Note: this fact does not actually have to be TRUE. Tall tales are highly encouraged, in the vein of the “Chuck Norris” meme, or if you happen to be a Doctor Who fan, the “Rory Williams” one. ;D
  • You have to post on a social network or on your own blog or journal.
  • You have to send me a screenshot or a link, or tag me on your post so I can see it.
  • Each place you post a “fact” about me will get you one entry in the random pool of entries!

This giveaway runs from NOW until midnight Pacific time, Friday April 19th! I will choose a winner on Saturday the 20th!

Ready? Set? GO!

The challenge before you: name this mammoth!

I will be doing a full weekend report when I get back to an actual keyboard, but for the time being I must report that Dara and I did in fact make it to the Royal BC museum in downtown Victoria. We did not do it nearly enough justice, considering how little time we spent there. But we were killing time waiting for our hotel room to be ready, and we bailed quickly in search of naps.

I did, however, accomplish the mission of seeing their woolly mammoth in the natural history exhibit. And the corollary mission of acquiring a mammoth of my very own! The question at hand: what is this mammoth’s NAME?

I have already received several excellent nominations on Facebook, but am extending the call here. There is some debate about whether I have a boy or a girl mammoth, and whether or not the mammoth is Quebecois and should therefore have a French name. Present to me your theories, and show your work! The best nominations will be going into a poll to do my next giveaway for Valor of the Healer!

Name This Mammoth!
Name This Mammoth!