Old Two Moons Alts

Given how long I played on Two Moons MUSH over the years (from 1992 clear up to 2005), I had the time to amass a great number of characters. This part of my page is to give due note to them.


Blaze was the son of the Wolfrider Ynderra of Lostholt and her lifemate, the Cat Elf Kai. I never did play him much and he wound up going through a couple of different players before the game finally shut down.

Last known status: Handed Off


A fey little foundling of a Wolfrider who was for a short time adopted by Ravenholt. Fawn was deaf, but she was also possessed of a treeshaping talent that never manifested while she was played–except in her fascination with twigs and bits of leaf. Her parents were probably killed when she was barely old enough to walk, and how she managed to survive on her own until Ravenholt found her was something of a marvel; but then, that added to her other-ness. While she was at Ravenholt, she was taken under the wing of young Newleaf, and was also watched after by QuickStorm and other elders in the Holt. She was fascinated with the strange cave of visions north of the Holt and often wandered there; perhaps it was on an attempt to go there again that she at last vanished out of Ravenholt’s care.

Last known status: Retired


Gerren was my Glider, a gentle soul who wanted nothing more than to live in peace in Blue Mountain and commune with the rock he eventually gained the power to shape. But his world was frequently thrown into turmoil when he met the tormented Cavedweller Nhiante, and later, when Winnowill engineered a pseudo-Recognition between him and Jasmael, her granddaughter. He eventually died in a magical plague, turned to rock when his own power was turned against him.

Last known status: Deceased


Kailee was one of the early human characters I tried to play. No logs survive that include her; I played her before I started to regularly take logs of my RP, circa 1993. She was a young girl of the Hoan g’Tay Sho who wanted to be a symbol-maker, like Nonna; like Geoki, her chieftain, she struck up a kind of friendship with an elf. But in Kailee’s case, it was the highly unlikely Stormwolf who was drawn to her because of her resemblance to the long-dead Dawnflame, who had adopted Stormwolf and brought him into the tribe of Redbear, of which Rillwhisper, Woodhawk, and Trollkiller were also members. Kailee lived alone with her pet cat Meesha in the Symbol-Maker’s hut, in the Hoan g’Tay Sho village.

Last known status: Deceased


Aw yeah, Karga! Here was my attempt to do a human character actively hostile to elves, one who would grow up to become a feared “demon hunter”. She actually didn’t last too long in play, and I did eventually kill her off. But she does have logs of her RP that survive to this day, that mostly tell of how she was taken in by the Glider Alorn and had a very curious friendship with the young Glider Zichri.

Last known status: Deceased


Kirran was a very early character of mine, a Sun Villager who was primarily notable for having purple eyes–and quite the crush on Mender, as I recall. But he appears only in three of my surviving logs, one of which is the one where I kill him off.

Last known status: Deceased


This Leafshimmer is not to be confused with the character of the same name who later wound up being the chieftess of Briarholt. A failed alt, based on a character of the same name from Rillwhisper’s old tribe. Leafshimmer, at least the original, was the sister of Trollkiller’s mother Panther; like Moonshade, Leafshimmer was a tanner. But I never RPed this character on the game.

Last known status: Failed Alt


Mender is one of the “Book Characters”, what Two Moons called the characters originally created by the Pinis for the comic book, and he is of course the healer who is the third child born to Rainsong and Rain in Sorrow’s End, who eventually joins Ember’s tribe and competes with Teir for her affections. On Two Moons, he remained a fixture in Sorrow’s End certainly for as long as I played him, and he got considerable play even after I gave him up. I maintain an archive of his roleplay logs, in which I play him in several of the earlier ones up through 1994 or so, and other players take him over after.

Last known status: Feature/Book Character


I also very briefly tried to play Moonshade, another Book Character, the lifemate of Strongbow. Didn’t work out for very long, though.

Feature/Book Character


Mugwort was my only attempt to play a troll on Two Moons. I developed little background for her; what’s known is that she was one of the females in the Southern Trolls under Picknose’s reign, but I never RPed her.

Failed Alt


Natil was my Out of Character wizard on Two Moons, who I retired on 2/28/05. Natil had no roleplay function on TM, and served strictly as my means to handle admin duties on the game. Her name and her @description were lifted straight off the character of the same name from Gael Baudino’s books Strands of Starlight, Maze of Moonlight, Shroud of Shadow, and Strands of Sunlight.



No-fur was the product of the Recognition of my primary Two Moons character Rillwhisper, chieftess of the Willowholt, and her lifemate Trollkiller. I handed him off while he was a cub and through most of his adulthood, he was a fairly carefree young elf–though he gained some painful maturity when he Recognized Sorrow of the Underworld. He ultimately was lost and presumed dead when the Willowholt was destroyed in severe floods in 1999.

His final fate was going to be that he would be found again when Rillwhisper, her lifemates, and a few other Willowholt survivors headed southward to Sunholt in search of Wayfound. He appears in quite a few of the Willowholt logs.

Handed Off


Originally named Aureole for the ring of light that surrounded the Child Moon at her birth, ‘Ree’, as she was nicknamed, began life in turmoil. Her Plainsrunner mother, Starwing, died shortly after giving birth to her, and her Wolfrider father, Blackmorn, was shattered by Starwing’s passing. He too eventually died during her cubhood, leaving Ree to be raised by the Plainsrunner-adopted Wolfrider Soulweaver–and Briarcatch, leader of the Plainsrunner scouts called the Pathkeepers, who had been helplessly in love with her mother.

Through her initial adulthood Ree was a very straightforward and carefree huntress, and she entered happily into lifemating with Briarcatch while out on Walkabout in an attempt to find her adult name. But her life was changed forever when she became a victim of the mad Firstborn Doreel not once, but twice–the first time by chance and the second time by her own half-crazed design. Doreel worked much magic upon her, calling her “Elisel” at first and later “Oriolle”, his One Who Returned, though he was never sure whether she was a tree or an elf or a strange mix of both. He purged her wolf-blood, changed her appearance dramatically, and ultimately was the cause of Ree’s own fledgling magic awakening.

The solitary Wolfrider huntress Thicket was also a powerful factor in Ree’s adult existence, for Thicket gave her life to try to save her from Doreel during her first time in his grove–and Thicket’s soul became lodged in her body. Thicket never gave up trying to rouse Ree from magic-induced stupor, and was instrumental in Ree’s first escape from Doreel as well as her second rescue from his grove. At last though she became so entwined with Ree’s own spirit that it took no less than Suntop himself, with the full power of the Palace backing him up, to free Thicket from Ree’s body and give her peace in the Palace’s halls. Ree, finally mentally herself again, was reunited with her long-lost lifemate.

I have quite a considerable number of roleplay logs that star her.


Rayek is the highest-profile of the Book Characters I ever played, and I did quite a bit of fun RP with him, mostly centered around the airwalker angsting about his right to be master of the Palace, his relationship with the Glider Ktai, and his ongoing darker relationship with Winnowill. I handed him off to a new player just about when Winnowill captured him and shaped him into a taller form, and Rayek’s fun didn’t end there; he eventually Recognized an Underworlder, Mierin, while Ktai Recognized Thorn of the Plainsrunners.

I have a hefty collection of Rayek roleplay logs, featuring not only when I played him, but much of his later RP as well.

Last known status: Feature/Book Character


The chieftess of the Willowholt, Rillwhisper was always my primary character on Two Moons MUSH. She was the lifemate of Woodhawk and Trollkiller, the youngest of an offshoot tribe of Wolfriders that dated back to the time of Freefoot–but she and her lifemates were trapped in wrapstuff and eventually escaped to find themselves in the timeframe of the MUSH. Rill became the leader of a motley group of elves who came from all corners of the game, and the Willowholt was one of the few Wolfrider tribes that was not engaged in active hostilities with Blue Mountain, due to the high number of Glider-blooded elves among their number. Blue Mountain in fact came to the rescue of the Willowholt when it was destroyed in floods, and gave shelter to several of the survivors.

That said, Rill was personally always edgy about Blue Mountain, thanks to another vital relationship she had: that of soul-sister to the archer Strongbow of Lostholt, who she initially was vehemently attracted to because of his coincidental resemblance to her lifemate Woodhawk. Later though their relationship became that of soul-siblings, to the point that often the two of them understood one another better than their lifemates did. And because she was at heart always a Wolfrider, when the Willowholt was destroyed, she elected to take the more Wolfrider-inclined of her surviving tribesmates to Lostholt and yield up her chieftaincy to Cutter, the only Wolfrider chieftain she was willing to follow.

Yet Rillwhisper was not content to stay at Lostholt. When her daughter Wayfound chose to lead a band of shipwrecked humans from a distant southern land back to their home, a journey that would likely take her permanently away from her tribe, Rill eventually chose to leave Lostholt with the rest of the Willowholt survivors and catch up with Wayfound. It is presumed that she and her band found a few more Willowholt survivors on the way and eventually founded a new tribe on the continent of Sunholt, not far away from the human city-states of Vrae.

Rillwhisper was called the Wolfbringer by the Willowholters, after the wolves of the tribe had died and she went on a quest to find a new pack with which they could establish bonds. It’s likely that she will have led her Sunholt tribe under that name, although her lifemates will never have abandoned calling her Rill, either.

She appears in many Willowholt and Lostholt logs.

Last known status: Retired


Another failed alt of mine that never got off the ground. Sprayshine was a perky Sea Elf lass, and that’s about all I knew about her.

Last known status: Failed Alt


Starwing, or Starlight-On-Her-Wings, was a Plainsrunner I played as a throwback to the High Ones: almost too ethereal and unearthly for the harsh existence of the elves of the World of Two Moons. She was a deep-senser, sensitive to feelings and emotions, an ability for which she was first named Clearsight. When she went on Walkabout in search of her adulthood name, she fell in love with and eventually Recognized the Wolfrider Blackmorn, by whom she bore Aureole, although she died shortly thereafter thanks to a virulent fever.

She was bonded to the hawk Vree, and she appears in quite a few of my early Plainsrunner logs, with the entire tale of her Walkabout and Recognition to Blackmorn still preserved today.

Last known status: Deceased


The son of the villainous Cat Elf Tash and the mad Underworld rockshaper Mireka, Talek had an unfortunate childhood pretty much right out of the gate. In an attempt to “protect” him from his father, Mireka kept trying to keep him safe, and by safe she meant “wrapped up in rock so Tash couldn’t find him”. He eventually escaped his mother’s clutches, but her influence left a mark upon him, and he was vulnerable to the not-entirely-stable Sun Villager Keshah as well as to the influence of the soporific flowers in Noonwalker’s Valley. Keshah would have been content to keep him there forever, except that a party of Willowholters led by Rillwhisper rescued him.

Talek joined the Willowholt, Recognized the Wolfrider Brightfire, and eventually became the father of the cubling Tinyhowl. He was for the most part a gentle dreamer, although he inherited something of his father’s hypnotic powers and occasionally had to forcibly healed to keep from inadvertantly unleashing his power on his tribesmates. He eventually perished in the floods that destroyed Willowholt.

Talek appears in quite a few Willowholt logs.

Last known status: Deceased


Tash was one of my earliest characters on the game, and was created to give the MUSH a villain besides Winnowill. He was a renegade Cat Elf possessed of strong magical powers; he could hypnotize elves and control animals, and he was furthermore responsible for tormenting Rillwhisper’s lifemate Woodhawk in the earliest days when the Willowholt was coming into play. It eventually came out that he’d Recognized none other than Winnowill herself, and from that union came Silversong, the healer who eventually Recognized Woodhawk and joined the Willowholt. He was also the father of Talek by the Underworlder Mireka.

The slaying of Tash at the hands of Strongbow, an event which resonated through not only Willowholt’s history but Strongbow and Rillwhisper’s as well, is one of the earliest surviving Willowholt logs.

Last known status: Deceased


My Scattered Tribe Wolfrider Thicket, one of the descendants of Rillwhisper’s ancient brother Sweetleaf, almost got more roleplay after she died than when she was alive. During her stint of living RP on the game, she was primarily known for living alone in the wild, driven into solitude out of grief for the loss of her lifemate Pacer–whose soul lingered near her nonetheless. When the Needlebrook Wolfrider Evergreen accidentally stumbled across mushrooms Sweetleaf had magically shaped to enhance Thicket’s ability to sense Pacer’s presence, he too became aware of Pacer. Pacer, however, reacted sharply to this and was inadvertantly trapped in Evergreen’s body, which startled Thicket to no end. Recognition restored Evergreen to his rightful control and drove Pacer out, but the shock of losing her lifemate a second time was a blow from which Thicket never really recovered.

However, what had happened with Pacer became profoundly significant for her later when she discovered the young Plainsrunner huntress Aureole trapped in Doreel’s grove and drugged into dreaming that she was one of his shaped trees. Horrified, Thicket strove to rescue her, but was slain by Doreel in the process–and in a last-ditch desperate effort to rouse Ree from her stupor, she threw her soul into Ree’s body. She remained there for many years, unable to prevent Ree from eventually returning to Doreel’s control, but doing what she could to help the younger elf eventually regain her freedom and her sanity. By then, though, their two souls were so heavily intertwined that it took the intervention of Suntop to release Thicket into the peace of the Palace.

Thicket appears in a small archive of her own logs, and later in spirit form in logs that feature Ree and her travails with Doreel.

Last known status: Deceased


Trouble of Lostholt for most of her life lived up to her name — and in her short lifetime had enough trouble for three or four elves. All the while wrestling with a budding bond to Dart, son of Strongbow and Moonshade, Trouble in succession rode with the jackwolf riders of Sorrow’s End, ran away from Lostholt to look for her soulname as well as a real adult name by which her tribe might call her, saw Dart speak in peace to humans — and was been the unwitting victim of the magic of the mad Firstborn Doreel.

The elf who sired her — Wildoak of Willowholt — disappeared shortly after Recognizing Myriel of Lostholt, her mother. The birthing, two turns of the seasons later, nearly killed Myriel, and only after an outpouring of healing magic from Myriel’s sister Ynderra, and the cutting of the squalling cub out of Myriel’s belly, was the maiden named Trouble brought into the world.

The cubling Trouble, as her dam knew little of raising cubs, was a true cub of the tribe, taught a little of everything by all of the Lostholt adults: a bit of hunting, a bit of tracking, herb lore, healing lore, tanning lore, even wood-carving from her grand-dam Nightfall. A natural curiosity led her to sample everything there was to learn, and a tendency to mischief and high spirits made the learning an adventure… but as she grew older, learned why she got the name she did, and saw her mother spend more time hanging uncertainly back from her than trying to be a mother, the maiden turned sullen and fierce.

During her late adolescence, Trouble spent most of her time stalking the outermost fringes of Lostholt territory, hunting and guarding… and shying away from the disturbing question of what she means to her dam, her tribe, and herself. But the arrival of Strongbow and Moonshade’s son Dart for a visit to the Holt rattled her self-imposed isolation, when he did what no one in the tribe yet had to do: he offered Trouble a chance to distance herself from her troubles, by inviting her for a stay in Sorrow’s End and a chance to hunt with the jack-wolf riders.

The chance Dart offered fell like water on green growing things, for the young huntress. She’d begun to think that her anger towards her mother was wrong; the subtle nudgings of the tribe to make up with Myriel had not been lost on her. But Trouble had grown used to resisting offers of companionship and caring — thus, it was almost out of more shock that an outsider, even one who shared ties of blood to her tribe’s elders, would extend concern to her than for any other reason that she accepted his offer.

The stay in Sorrow’s End brought another surprise from Dart as well: the confession that he cared for her, after Trouble was made seriously ill from her inability to quickly and easily adapt to the hot clime of the Sun Village. Despite their frequent arguing over Trouble’s inability to make amends with her mother, Dart even asked her to stay with him in Sorrow’s End for good. But Trouble, disconcerted by all the implications of his offer, chose to return to Lostholt instead.

She knew, however, that Dart was right: she couldn’t remain at odds with Myriel forever, for it was making them both miserable, and it was impossible to avoid her mother in the small and intimate atmosphere of a Holt. Trouble thus resolved to try to figure out how to make up with her mother, but force of habit built by the recent turns of the seasons kept her silent until Dart returned to Lostholt again, about a turn of the seasons after her departure from Sorrow’s End.

Frustrated and exasperated that she still had not made amends with her mother, Dart got into yet another argument with Trouble, accusing her of being a cub — or so at least Trouble interpreted it, for she immediately stormed out of Lostholt, grabbing only her weapons and a sleepfur, and swearing that she wouldn’t return until she was no longer a cub. With a goodbye only to Ynderra, Trouble headed northward out of the Holt.

Ynderra spread the word that Trouble had departed on a soulname vigil, and the members of the Lostholt tribe resigned themselves to tracking which direction the young huntress took, and keeping an eye out for her to make sure that she didn’t meet with mischief. But when Dart was informed that Trouble had in fact left the Holt proper, he grew furious. He, too, stormed out of the Holt, telling Ynderra to tell the others that if he didn’t return, they shouldn’t bother going after him.

Dart eventually caught up with Trouble, finding her ragged and weathered on the plains to the northwest of Lostholt. Expecting him to harangue her, Trouble was at first hostile to his presence, but when he once more professed feelings for her, she grudgingly consented to his accompanying her wherever the vigil took her.

The two of them camped for a time in the Antelope Valley… only to have an encounter that startled Trouble. She had known that humans lived near, and had in fact been working to keep herself hidden from them. But Dart’s added presence made it harder to hide — and the humans noticed the impact the pair of elves had on the local hunting. Two of the elders of the human village, Uruk and Tari, found their campsite; much to Trouble’s surprise, not only were the humans peaceful, but Dart also knew some of their words, and his talk with them resulted in leave for the pair of elves to linger in the valley until the next coming of winter.

By the time the next Whitecold arrived, however, Trouble had still not found her soulname — nor had she found a name she liked better than Trouble which she could use with the tribe. Unwilling to go back on her own vow, no matter how rash it seemed in retrospect, Trouble convinced Dart that they ought to journey westward, thinking that if they went to Grove Holt, perhaps something would happen to improve her luck there, or at least along the way. Something did happen, but something which proved a far more dangerous encounter than the one with the humans.

After yet another argument with her companion, Trouble inadvertantly stumbled across a hidden corner of the wood through which they travelled. This wood was stunted and twisted, and appeared to have suffered the ravages of recent fire — and, moreover, was inhabited by giant spiders. It did not take Trouble long to realize that she had discovered the wood which contained the grove of the Mad Firstborn, Doreel, in which Dart’s father and the chieftess of the Willowholt had been stranded; it took her even less time to send-shout for Dart’s help in eluding the spiders. But she and Dart could not outrun the creatures, nor did they have enough weapons to kill them. At last, unknowingly mimicking his father’s actions in the spider wood, Dart ordered Trouble to run.

Trouble briefly considered doing so… but also realized that she could not make it to the nearest known help before Dart would inevitably be wrapped by the spiders, and perhaps eaten. Thus, she decided to run not out of the wood, but into it — heading for the grove in which she hoped still lived Doreel. Doreel answered her sent calls for help, and agreed to have his trollish Helpers look for Dart and bring him into the grove to be healed. But only if Trouble agreed to stay with him, Doreel. Frantic for Dart’s well-being, Trouble agreed.

Dart, on the other hand, refused to believe that Doreel could be of benign intent, after what had happened to his father and Rillwhisper. He became incensed when he heard of Trouble’s promise, and even more so when she refused to leave the grove with him. At last, his anger sharpened by his lingering weakness from the spider-bites and the lack of meat to sustain him, Dart fled the grove and the spider woods, intending to return to Lostholt to get help.

Trouble was astounded and heartbroken that Dart actually left, and between that and her ongoing grief over her relationship with her mother, the mad one Doreel was in his own way drawn to her. He envisioned a way by which he could give Trouble a new name — indeed, make ‘Trouble’ go away entirely, for his means was to get her addicted to magically-made mushrooms of his own design, by which he convinced her that she was his long-lost daughter Niriah. Her memories vanished under the spell of Doreel’s shrooms, or at best were mutated into something else; Dart was her clearest memory, and even he was changed to ‘Vargo’ at Doreel’s coaxing.

Eventually, as the various elves of Lostholt came back to the Holt during his hasty convalescence, Dart organized a rescue party to fetch Trouble out of the Grove. Along with Skywise, Ynderra as primary healer and Kai as backup, Dewshine, Pike, Minx, the Preserver Berrybuzz, and a reluctant but extremely anxious Myriel, Dart returned to the spider grove. The elves and the Preserver were forced to face not only by the spiders, but also narcotic flowers and a thorn wall that Doreel had shaped to keep out intruders before they finally broke, with Ynderra’s magic’s aid, into the Grove to confront Doreel himself.

Trouble, believing as she did that she was ‘Niriah’, barely recognized any of her own tribesmates — and grew frantic when it seemed that they would attack Doreel. Doreel in his turn grew incensed when he realized that the Lostholters and Dart were bent on taking Trouble home. Only after a protacted conflict, Doreel’s magic and his helpers on the one side and the Lostholters’ and Dart’s weapons and Ynderra’s magic on the other, were the rescuers able to stumble at last out of the Grove, with Trouble in their keeping.

Trouble spent some time convalescing in Lostholt… but never got over what Doreel had done to her, even after Dart escorted her back down to Sorrow’s End. It was to be the last time she’d ever seen her home tribe, for while accompanying Dart on a mission to the Palace, Trouble was slain by a deranged human huntress… only then finally finding a measure of peace as her soul went on to the Palace without her lovemate.

Last known status: Deceased


Vardeus Allireus of Vrae was the final human character I played on Two Moons, and was a great deal of fun! He was the captain of a seafaring ship called the Windrider, which had been driven northward into the Vastdeep Water by a massive hurricane and which was destroyed by a magically shaped monster. Vardeus and his crew had never seen elves before, and thus much of their early RP was driven by the discovery of elves and figuring out how to peacefully interact with them. Morever, Vardeus was nursing a growing passion for Tiana, his second in command–without either of them knowing that she was in fact his promised betrothed, Tyra Yfantis.

When Vardeus was reunited with his crew, he and Tiana confessed their feelings for one another and eventually married, jointly leading the surviving humans of the Windrider and the elfin friends they made in a quest across the land to escape further magical monsters. Eventually, not long after he and Tiana were blessed with twin children, the Vraeyans learned from their Wolfrider companion Wayfound that she had discovered a way to lead them home. Thus Vardeus led his people on a great trek southward, all the way back to Vrae, to arrive there some eight years after his ship had initially been lost.

Vardeus appears in almost all of the Seafarer logs.

Last known status: Retired


The product of the Recognition of Rillwhisper, chieftess of the Willowholt, and the solitary hunter Lonehowl, Wayfound was always an odd duck to her tribe–for Wayfound, unlike most Wolfriders and even most elves, was possessed of a remarkable raw intelligence that drove her to try to educate herself scientifically about everything in the world. She could talk at an extremely early age, and through most of her childhood, was infamous among her tribesmates for a tendency to pontificate like an elder at the slightest provocation. This set her at odds with her agemate Midnight, whose merciless teasing eventually drove Wayfound into an abrupt about-face and refusing to utter a word to any of her tribe unless specifically asked. Only Calmwind, the son of Tinyhowl and Jylien, made overtures to her and invited her to speak as freely as she liked in his company.

Wayfound was a troubled young cub on the verge of puberty when the Willowholt was destroyed, and when the survivors of her tribe took shelter in Blue Mountain, the experience rattled her deeply. She quickly seized the opportunity to flee to Lostholt along with her mother and fathers, yet even there, she never quite fit in. Although Calmwind became her first lovemate, his eventual disappearance led her into departing the Holt for several turns of the seasons so that she could study natural phenomena to her heart’s content. At that point, her only companion was the Preserver Fallberry, who had formerly obeyed her mother.

Her discovery of the shipwrecked sailors from Vrae fundamentally changed Wayfound’s world, though, for humans of their level of advancement who had never seen elves opened up a whole new wealth of knowledge for her to explore. She took very quickly to Arnos, the linguist of the Windrider‘s crew, who taught her their language and who learned the elfin tongue from her in return. And at the same time, even as she made herself indispensible to the Vraeyans, she met another elf who became her second lovemate: Tefin of the Go-Backs, who astonished her by demonstrating to her that there was another elf in the world with a mind as rational and ordered as her own.

When Wayfound learned that the ancient Cat Elf Djhala knew an overland route to the southern continent of Sunholt–and indeed, had gone as far as south as a land he thought was probably Vrae–she allowed the old elf to send to her the proper route for the humans to take to go home. But Wayfound was not content to simply point the way; she in fact volunteered to guide them home.

On the journey, her lovemate Tefin was lost. Wayfound turned at last to Arnos, who she loved like a soul-brother and eventually came to love in truth, and when she led them home at last to Vrae, she became Arnos’ wife. Only after she had succeeded in her quest to take the Vraeyans home did she come to learn that her mother, Rillwhisper, had led several of their tribe southward in search of her and had even founded a new Holt with other elves of Sunholt. But only after Arnos died of old age did Wayfound feel comfortable in returning for a time to her mother’s new Holt–and even then, she didn’t stay there, for she learned from the magic-user Aidonel that her lost Tefin was indeed still alive out there. She quested northward again… to eventually be reunited with Tefin, and to become legend to Arnos’ descendants as she and her beloved Tefin made their way south again.

Last known status: Retired


Woodhawk was an elf who’s lived through several tribes in his lifetime, starting with the Wolfriders led by Freefoot, then the offshoot group under the leadership of Freefoot’s half-brother Redbear. Among both Freefoot’s folk and Redbear’s, he was notable – and feared – for his firestarting magic, a talent not seen since Zarhan Fastfire. On a mission to find new Holt territory, Woodhawk and his two lovemates Rillwhisper and Trollkiller were wrapstuffed by a pair of Preservers. Finally emerging from the long sleep in the current time, he, Rillwhisper, and Trollkiller, along with Wildoak (then called Moonfire), became the Willowholt’s founding members. He was the father of Jasmael (also known as Brightmark) by his Recognition, though he also shared the title of ‘father’ for Rillwhisper and Trollkiller’s son No-fur as well as Rillwhisper’s daughter Wayfound.

A long-running conflict with the renegade Cat Elf Tash had several effects on Woodhawk: his lifemating with Rillwhisper and Trollkiller, his Recognition of the healer Silversong, and the finding of the other half of his soulname with the help of the healer Blythe. Eventually, after Willowholt was destroyed in flood, he came to live at Lostholt with his lifemates and a few other Willowholt survivors. Much to the amusement of both the former Willowholters and all of Lostholt, Woodhawk bore an uncanny resemblance to the archer Strongbow.

When Rillwhisper led a small group of former Willowholters south to follow her daughter Wayfound to Vrae, Woodhawk willingly followed where his lifemate led and settled in the new Holt she founded.



Ynderra was one of two twin daughters born to Tyleet of Lostholt, and in her earliest days, was renowned in the Holt for teaming up with her sister Myriel to cause all sorts of havoc. Soon enough though Derra also became known for possessing a significant amount of magic, for she was both a healer and a treeshaper. This caused her quite a bit of consternation at first, for her own playful tendencies jarred heavily against the responsibility of wielding magic, and she often felt overshadowed by the more powerfully gifted elders in her magic-rich Holt.

As she reached her adulthood, though, she took on several challenges that brought her into maturity. Her sister Myriel’s traumatic birthing of her daughter Trouble–not to mention the trauma Trouble underwent at the hands of Doreel and her eventual slaying by the human hunter Karga–caused her to have to learn the strength to be her sister’s support. Her own Recognition to her lovemate Kai and her eventual birthing of their son Blaze taught her what it meant to be a parent. And magic-rich as Lostholt always was, she eventually learned that she did indeed have her own parts to play whenever her power was needed. She lent aid frequently at Willowholt, and later, joined the scouting party led by Rillwhisper to find and confront Doreel–and eventually capture and heal him. Turns of the seasons later, while searching for her missing Kai, Ynderra even traveled for a time with a saner if not particularly happier Doreel, and learned during those travels that actually, yes, she was really rather content with her life and wasn’t about to let a Firstborn take her wolf-blood, even with the noblest of intentions.

It’s presumed that when Two Moons closed, Ynderra was still living reasonably happily at Lostholt.

Handed Off

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