Old CrystalMUSH Alts

These are my old characters from CrystalMUSH, from which I finally retired in the year 2000.

Tamber al-Acorrin

For all his reputed smoothness and charm around the Heptite Guild, Sorter Tamber al-Acorrin was surprisingly close-mouthed about his background. He would generally acknowledge hailing from Scartine… but what parts of that planet, he wouldn’t mention, nor would he mention the circumstances under which he arrived at the Heptite Guild. Rumors abounded as to the red-headed Sorter’s history, many of them conflicting; how many of them were spread by Tamber himself was yet another thing to which he would not admit. Tamber’s sexual liaisons were another source of rumor; despite his being in a job on the forefront of the renowned storms of Crystal Singers’ tempers, he had an impressive number of tall, handsome, male Singers who seemed quite inordinately fond of him.

What was definitely known aside from all the rumors about him was that Tamber sported the manners and impeccable wardrobe of an extremely cultured man, and that his shrewd eye and quick graceful hands made him one of the finest Sorters in the Guild. And, though he would occasionally remark upon the ‘divine shoulders’ of one Kevlan Sharr, Tamber was more known for being a big brother and best friend to that particular Singer… at least to those who were casually acquainted with him. Tamber’s closer friends knew, although they never talked with him much about it, that Tamber genuinely loved Kevlan Sharr, and when his young friend disappeared during a crisis on Hesperia, Tamber underwent extreme strain in the search for the missing Singer. Once Kevlan recovered from his ordeal on Hesperia Tamber needed some recovery time as well, and although he pulled his Sorting work back to its usual high standards, he became a much more reclusive individual.

Tamber was eventually killed in the shuttle accident that slew several other members of the Heptite Guild, including Kevlan’s other close friend, the sledtech Jerrik Rawn Deegan. The Sorter’s considerable amassed credits were bequeathed to Kevlan and his wife Bernadette, as were Tamber’s personal possessions.

Tamber appears in several of Kevlan’s Roleplay Logs.

Jerrik Rawn Deegan

Jerrik Rawn Deegan was a laid-back, affable sort of man, at least after having been with the Heptite Guild for over a hundred years. In his youth, like most other youths who signed on with the Guild, he professed a desire to sing the crystal… but the symbiont’s decision otherwise proved surprisingly little of a hardship, as it allowed him the freedom to tinker with his beloved machines without running the risk of losing his memories to crystal song.

He became one of the steady, reliable older sled technicians, and although he possessed impressive technical expertise, he nevertheless was uninclined to seek rank in the sled techs, leaving that up to louder and more brash individuals like Azaria and Aralan. He preferred simply to do his job and do it well.

Jerrik was often affectionately referred to by his closest friends as the ‘third musketeer’ – for it was Jerrik, along with the Sorter Tamber al-Acorrin, who took the young Singer Kevlan Sharr under his wing to form a well-known triad often spotted in the Guild making music. Despite being deaf, Jerrik nevertheless retained a solid feel for rhythm and would often demonstrate it whenever his young friend Galahad burst into song.

Jerrik was slain in the same shuttle crash that killed Tamber al-Acorrin. His store of amassed credits and his few important personal belongings were bequeathed to his young friend Kevlan and Kevlan’s wife, Bernadette.

Jerrik appears in several of Kevlan’s Roleplay Logs.

Kevlan Sharr

Kevlan Sharr, nicknamed ‘Galahad’ for his innocent, shyly boyish demeanor, was my first Elvis-Presley-based alt — and one with whom I had a great deal of fun! He was famed around the Heptite Guild for two things: the near-Milekey adaptation he underwent with class 2003, which adapted him to the black crystal, and his affection for his beloved old seven-stringed guitar, with which he had a propensity to burst into song as often as possible. A native of the planet Estenar in the Andurin System, Kevlan’s first job was that of fourth mate on the cargo shuttle Star’s Hope; fate, however, brought him to the Heptite Guild. By the time he was finally killed in the Ranges along with his beloved wife Bernadette, he had begun to gain confidence and seasoning, and had even had a stint as Deputy Guildmaster thanks to the encouragement of Guildmaster Maxwell Farantine, and had continued to keep a kind word for everybody he met both inside and outside the Guild.

Kevlan’s Roleplay Logs

Tance Vokrim

Tance Vokrim was my last alt on CrystalMUSH — and one who’d originally started off life as an NPC in a claimjumping plot I was running as Kevlan. At his conception, Tance had been designed as a crystal-crazed older Singer along the lines of minor characters who appear in the Crystal Singer books. However, once I took over playing Tance as my primary alt, he gained a life of his own — especially when I let on to people that I’d decided he resembled an older Harrison Ford. ;) Tance was always struggling with the vagaries of his erratic memory, not to mention the elusive hints buried somewhere in the back of his mind that he’d had a shadowy past in his earliest years, but one thing he always remembered with brilliant clarity: his love for Kesya As’shoriah, whom he eventually married. Up until he was eventually killed in the Ranges, Tance carried an abiding passion for her even through three years of thinking she’d been killed on one of their vacations — and by the time of his death, thanks to an exposure to a strange chemical that had leaked into his quarters in the Guild, a chemical that provoked a bizarre resurrection of many of his buried memories, he’d even had a resurgence of the confident, rugged man he’d been in his earliest years, and he steadily entreated his beloved Kesya to live without him as he died in her arms.

Tance’s Roleplay Logs

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