Fiddle practice log 9/22/2021


  • Scales practiced: One-octave G, D, A; two-octave G
  • Techniques practiced: Being mindful of the position of my elbow while doing string crossings
  • Tune practiced: Feller from Fortune


This practice was pretty much all about me trying to remind myself that hey, playing tunes is fun!

And even more fun when I’m playing with a tune recorded by a band I love, like Great Big Sea.

So, this was more about the Feller from Fortune tune, which is the first of the three tunes in GBS’ Fortune Set. I do all have dots written up ages ago by fans of all three of the tunes, and I had to refer to the dots for the B part of this tune. I could kind of reproduce it in my head, but I was having issues actually bridging the gap between that and what my fingers needed to be doing.

Once I consulted the dots, I was better able to then try to reproduce on my instrument what I hear Bob Hallett playing in the GBS studio recording (as well as multiple concert recordings of the same set).

Mostly, I focused on the B part of the tune since I have a pretty good idea of how to do the A part now, including where I need to put slurs in it. With the B part, I mostly wanted to think about “okay, what’s the basic fingering pattern for this thing?” Once I have that down, I will be able to then refine it with questions like, where do the slurs go, and what my thoughts are on bowing directions.

I DID note that the opening few notes of the B part seem to actually work better if I start on a down bow on the pickup note on B, and then do an up bow for the E that comes next. But this was also playing the B part by itself, as opposed to starting it when coming out of the A part.

I will need to experiment with this!

2 Replies to “Fiddle practice log 9/22/2021”

  1. What does GBS call the set? When I ask my MP3 collection for Feller from Fortune, I get tracks from A Crowd of Bold Sharemen, John White, Omar Blondahl, and Ryan’s Fancy, but no GBS. But I’d be shocked if we don’t have the track.

    I’ve been taking advantage of the increased virtualization of our world to get flute and button accordion lessons. Both have frequently been very humbling…

    1. On the Sea of No Cares album, it’s just called “Fortune”.

      On the two concert albums where it appears, it’s called “Fortune Set”.

      Hope that helps! And boy howdy, sympathies on how humbling lessons can be. :D

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