The most important thing about the Great Big Sea show tonight

Internets, my usual full concert report will be coming about tonight’s Great Big Sea show in Edmonds real soon–but before I post that, I have to post this, because THIS was the high point of the evening and I’m still trying to ramp down from the outburst of ZOMG in my system.

As you all know, I’m a novelist. I’ve completed five novels, in fact. Verbosity is my primary superpower. I have a LOT of words in me. So you’ll know that if other people’s pictures are worth a thousand words, this one, coming from me, is worth an entire trilogy. This happened after the GBS show in Edmonds tonight, when I and several other fangirls were hanging out by the band’s tour bus!

Anna and Alan Doyle
Anna and Alan Doyle

Thirteen years. THIRTEEN YEARS I’ve been in this fandom and I’ve finally scored not only the opportunity, but also the gumption to ask Alan Doyle to his face if I could have a picture with him. He promptly said “sure!”, invited me to get in close, and put his arm around my shoulders. I handed my phone off to my friend Helen, who then needed me to unlock it for her ’cause duh right access code. THEN she had trouble finding my camera app, so she made cracks at me about how “should I draw this out a little longer?”–’cause Alan was standing there with his arm around me the whole time. I chirped, “I’M GOOD!”

There was laughter, and the picture was finally taken. One other girl in the group also snapped a pic which she promised to send me, so this wasn’t even the only one!

(ALSO! There was bonus Murray! Most of the group wanted pics with Alan, so after I got my turn I turned to Murray and asked him about his fundraising efforts for his Cocksure Lads movie–his mockumentary about a fictional 60’s British rock band. Great fun. I was in on round one of that fundraising and I’ll be chiming in on the second one too. Because Murray is awesome.

Also, mad props to Foster when I told him I was annathepiper on Twitter and that we’d chatted some about Tolkien. He remembered that. YAY!)

So yeah. This was a TRIUMPH. Making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

Also note: I neither confirm nor deny any rumors of high-pitched squealing and a victory dance as soon as we were out of range of the bus.

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  1. Very cool that you got to get your pic with the big AD himself. This is where I go wrong when I’m at gigs, I don’t hang around the tour buses often enough haha. Great little blog you’ve got going here, I’m loving all the GBS reviews. It’s pretty clear they play a massive part of your life!

    1. Hi Dan and glad to see you clicked over! :)

      Yeah, GBS has been a HUGE part of my life ever since I found them. They are singlehandedly responsible for me taking up the guitar and other stringed instruments–and pretty much rediscovering what it’s like to make music as an adult. And through them I found Quebec trad, my other great musical love, which is leading me to sessions and all sorts of goodness. So yeah. HIGHLY important to me.

      I STILL haven’t posted a show writeup for Edmonds but this was purely because I promptly had to deal with medical crap that I’m only finally now getting over. I should still do that report since that’s turned out to be the very last GBS show I’ll have attended before Séan leaves. So a milestone in more ways than one!

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