Because it is my birthday and EVERYTHING is awesome

When you do not have the words to properly express your relief at awesome medical news, screw words, go straight to KITCHEN PARTY IN YOUR HEAD! This is exactly how the inside of my head sounds like right now, people–my dream concert of ALL the awesome Quebecois and Newfoundland boys!
De Temps Antan!
And more behind the fold!

Le Vent du Nord!
A whole STAGE full of Quebecois boys, and more harmony and podorythmie than you can shake a fiddle bow at!
And, of course… GREAT! BIG! SEA!
The studio version of “Ordinary Day”, the theme song of my life!
And because “ordinary Day” is just THAT AWESOME, here, have a live show too! Dara and I were AT this show, this is GBS at the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010!

2 Replies to “Because it is my birthday and EVERYTHING is awesome”

  1. Such a *lovely* black transverse the guy from Genticorum has…
    silly question, if the fiddle player is doing podorhytmie too, and they’re in session and he wants to signal a tune change, HOW?

    1. Alexandre’s flute sounds even better than looks, and I have seen it played not only in concert but in a kitchen party, so I know! \0/ (Though yeah, it’s a gorgeous instrument. I covet that flute! Or a flute like it!)
      And I’m pretty sure that a fiddler in that scenario would calling out a tune change verbally, if the feet are occupied. No other way to do it. I haven’t quite confirmed that yet with watching fiddlers in session, though. I will have to pay more attention at the next one I go to, and look for that! Or just ask folks, even!

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