A link roundup for the imminent Great Canadian Adventure!

Since Canada is very, VERY nigh, I now present for you, O Internets, this roundup and summary of everything that userinfosolarbird and I will be doing while we’re there!

First up, Toronto! Where we will be enjoying the hospitality of the most excellent userinfocow, as well as getting to meet Susan Who Is the Most Awesome of Le Vent du Nord Fans (really, that ought to just be her name from now on, I feel). And Dara will be making musics at Chez Cow!

In Quebec, we’re going to go to Memoire et Racines, at which we will be seeing Les Charbonniers de l’Enfer, with possible bonus sightings of one or more members of Le Vent du Nord depending on who’s performing on what festival event when! I also have high hopes of swooning at any wares offered by instrument makers, and the chances of consumption of proper poutine, as well as any maple-flavored ice cream we can find, are extremely high!

While also in Quebec, I will be scarfing as much French-Canadian SF/F as I can safely carry home from here! I now have five titles on my Francophone wishlist on Goodreads, and it’s a safe bet I’ll be able to find at least a couple of them.

And there will be meeting of userinfoscrunchions and hopefully also userinfoframlingem, as well as userinfolyonesse if she’s still there when we get there! And bonus meeting as well of one of my Kickstarter backers!

Onward to Moncton, where we will enjoy the hospitality of userinfobrightbeak! And there will be more musics by Dara! And visiting of this thing, because GIANT LOBSTER. Visiting of this is REQUIRED, Internets!

St. John’s! The Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival! The Duke of Duckworth pub! O’Brien’s Music, renowned in song and story and Great Big Sea fandom! The Haunted Hike, a walking ghost tour of downtown St. John’s, and I ask you, could I be handed any more excellent a research opportunity for the third Kendis and Christopher book?

And last but oh my definitely not least, the Torbay 250 celebration, at which I need not remind any of you that Dara and I will be singing and bouncing our hearts out for our most belovedest of beloved B’ys. Watch the skies over Newfoundland, people, we may bounce straight into orbit!
We shall be consuming as much Grower’s Cider as we can get our tiny little hands on, but failing that, I will be on the lookout for any excellent local ciders. Because all this bouncing I’m about to be doing? It’s going to be thirsty, thirsty work!

And I will bring Norouet and Chirp, and there will be playing of tunes, and adventures in reading French street signs, and general seizing of days! I’ve already been asked by two different people to post frequent updates–and I will be doing as much of that as the wi-fi availability allows, so stand by for bulletins as they happen! Internets, I am EXCITE! Only a few more days to go! \0/