Memoire et Racines is GO!

I just doublechecked the Memoire et Racines site, and see to my massive, massive delight that Les Charbonniers de l’Enfer do, in fact, have a presence on the schedule on the 28th–the day I’m targeting for userinfosolarbird and me to be there! Which means I will get to see them!

Seriously, seriously excited by that! Aside from the boys of Le Vent, the Charbonniers are the Quebec band who’ve most grabbed my attention, just because I love their vocals on their live album so very, very, very much. I’m going to have to do a marathon listen to all of their albums now, just to make sure I’m briefed on the stuff they’re most likely to perform.

Also helpful: it looks like events don’t get started until noon, which will give plenty of time to get up there in the morning from Montreal. And now I’ve bought day passes for Saturday the 28th for myself and Dara! userinfoframlingem, if you’re reading this, and you’re still up for the festival, you might want to go ahead and snag a ticket for yourself–the site was giving me messaging indicating these tickets are in high demand!

Ditto to userinfolyonesse if you have interest in joining us!