Great Atlantic Canadian Adventure is GO!

Dara and I started serious work on booking this last night, and discovered to our chagrin that the fares for cross-country Canada trains are prohibitively expensive! So our Trainventure is going to have significantly fewer trains than expected.

But that’s OKAY. Because this entire trip is going to brimming over with so much awesome that we may have to break some laws of physics to cram all of the awesome into two and a half weeks! Hey, I’ve got a supervillain for a spouse, if anybody can break laws of physics, it’ll be my beloved userinfosolarbird!

First up–Toronto, from roughly the 24th through the 26th of July! Agenda: enjoy the hospitality of userinfocow, the very best bovine in the eastern provinces! Meet up with Susan, the most awesome Le Vent du Nord fan that ever awesomed, because we owe that woman a proper thanks for the wedding champagne! And there may even be a house concert featuring Dara at Chez Cow!

Next–Montreal, from roughly the 27th through the 30th of July! Agenda: meet userinfoframlingem and userinfoscrunchions! Convene the Independent Panel of Montreal Bagel Judges! Locate and raid the best possible music store to get me yet more Quebecois trad for my ever-growing collection, and bonus points if I can find anywhere that’ll sell me any album I’m missing with Éric Beaudry on it. :D Locate a bookstore and see if I’m brave enough to bring home some French SF/F! And, if at all possible, find and boing to any appropriate nearby source of podorythmie! (I note, O Internets, that there are TANTALIZINGLY OPEN HOLES in the tour schedules of Le Vent du Nord AND Les Charbonniers de l’Enfer AND De Temps Antan AND La Bottine Souriante and you had better believe that if ANY of them drop shows into this time frame, I am ALL OVER THEM.)

Next–Moncton, from July 30th through August 1st! Agenda: enjoy the company of userinfobrightbeak, and perhaps there will be another house concert! Pauline is flinging us a million awesome Moncton-area things we may be doing as well!

And last but not least–St. John’s, from August 1st through August 6th! Agenda: meet userinfolethendy and any other local GBS fan crowd peeps! Absorb the general ambience and look for inspiration for Book 3 of the Kendis and Christopher books! Attend this which will, assuming that the booking of things goes well, is in extremely easy walking distance of this place where we want to stay!

And the crowning, shining glory of this entire Adventure: go to THIS because ZOMG GREAT BIG SEA IN NEWFOUNDLAND YES B’Y! Dara and I had previously been sure it would not be possible to top the magnificent awesomeness of our beloved B’ys at the Olympics in Vancouver. Our beloved B’ys on their home turf, with a Newfoundland crowd, is very likely the ONLY POSSIBLE WAY TO DO IT. You thought I got good altitude on La Danse Verticale for Le Vent? This concert’s Movement will not only be Vertical, it may well reach ORBIT.

Bookings of planes and trains and places to stay begins TONIGHT. Any of you in these places, Internets, who want to meet up with Dara and me–let us know! We look forward to seeing you all!

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  1. Le Vent du Nordi will be playing at the Festival Memoires et Racine’s on July 27.Festival Memoires et Racine’s is the best event for traditional Quebecois music.
    There probably will be many other bands and performers worth seeing. It is a yearly event for most of the traditional Quebecois bands.

    1. Ooooooooo thank you for this critical data! :D I would adore getting in a second Le Vent du Nord show this year but failing that, will gladly investigate options for any of the rest of the fine bands I’ve begun following!

  2. If you are interested in learning about Acadian culture and music I would suggest Pays de la Sanguine while you are in the Moncton area. It is a village created for Acadian author Antoninne Maillet’s most well known character La Saguine

    1. Merci beaucoup! That is actually one of the many suggestions our friend Pauline, who we’ll be visiting, has given us for things to do. :)

  3. Sounds like a grand adventure in the works! If you have time, circling Cape Breton Island and looking for traditional celtic music, is fun. If nothing else, stop at a pub while you’re waiting for the Nfld ferry in Sydney NS . I wandered into an open session at Governors pub.
    In St John’s, if it doesn’t work to stay at The Narrows, I stayed at The Roses which–although not quite as close to The Duke–was also lovely and convenient to George Street, etc.

    1. We have confirmed booking at The Narrows! / Which is awesome indeed due to proximity to the festival!

      In the interests of time we will be flying to St. John’s from Moncton (with a layover in Halifax). Leaves out ferry fun, but that gives us more time on the ground in St. John’s, so it’s all good!

      The Governors pub, you say? We will note and seek this place. :D

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