Book Log #28: From Nature’s Patient Hands, by Elizabeth Barrette

From Nature's Patient Hands

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poetry is not normally something I go out of my way to read, but when I was given an opportunity by the author, I was quite happy to take a look at Elizabeth Barrette’s poetry collection From Nature’s Patient Hands. I’m enough of a word geek to appreciate the various forms of verse, whether rhymed or free, and Barrette shows her grasp of many forms of verse in her work.

I actually prefered her other collection, the SF-themed Prismatica, but there’s some lovely imagery in this one as well. There are too many individual poems in this collection for me to address them all in this review, but I did like the opening “Spring’s Air Force”, as well as “Inconsiderate Drivers”, “Thunderfist” (I quite liked the line ‘the sky holds a fistful of light’), “Waterlight”, “Ecological Dyslexia” (and especially the lines ‘This land is not illiterate / We simply cannot read’), and more.

So if you like poetry, and nature-themed poetry in particular, you should check this out. Four stars.