Good gods, I just wrote a song!

Okay, it’s official, Quebecois trad just muscled its way closer to Great Big Sea in my affections, because it just made me commit an act of filk. I blame the album I just bought by De Temps Antan for this, specifically the track “Jeune et Jolie”. The tune for this isn’t an exact matchup to that song, but the rhythm is totally pulling from that. Muahaha.
I think this is probably either in G or D, 6/8 time, and should be sung with as much vigor as possible. I’m totally hearing it as a drinking song in my head. And now, I give you…
“Quebecois Boys”
Some girls like to rock with electric guitars
Some girls like their operas sublime
Some girls like the rappers, or metal, or country
But none of this music is mine!
Oh the north wind is blowing, and I want to follow
Where it leads me to tales of times past
Where beavers are flying, and coalmen from hell
Rouse my boots to be smiling at last!
And it’s sing to me, Quebecois laddies, oh sing to me
Sing to me, Quebecois boys!
You could spend seven verses on the Montreal phone book
And I’d think you’d still sound quite grand
As long as you’re tapping away on the board
And you’ve got a bouzouki in hand!
So warm up your fiddles, break out your accordions
Play till the morning has dawned
Let’s dance to the reels and sing sweet turluttes
Till the wee hours of evening are gone
Sing to me, Quebecois laddies, oh sing to me
Sing to me, Quebecois boys!
(bridge here)
They say we American girls have no culture
But I say the doubters are wrong
For music transcends all the borders of language
And makes the soul rise up in song
Vertical movement requires no translation
For this Anglophone southern-bred gal
But teach me your lyrics, boys, and see just how fast
I’ll engage dans la danse verticale!
And it’s sing to me, Quebecois laddies, oh sing to me
Sing to me, Quebecois boys!
(no instruments, and layer the English with the French for this a cappella bit)
Sing to me, Quebecois laddies, oh sing to me
(translation, four measures after)
Sing to me, Quebecois laddies, oh sing to me
Sing to me, Quebecois laddies, oh sing to me
(translation, and hold out the final French word for a couple extra measures before returning to the English)
Sing to me, Quebecois boys!
(four beats of stomping, and then this should kick into a reel in the same key, with as much dangerous podorythmie as possible!)

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    1. Much happier lyrics than Jeune et Jolie which is one of my favorites of De temps Antan. I’m not sure why but I seem to be drawn to the darker french Canadian songs. You’re correct not an exact match up, but I can definitely see the Jeune et Jolie influence. I like it.

      1. Yay, thank you! I looked on De Temps Antan’s site to see if they have lyrics up for that album yet; I saw they had a PDF of them for the previous one. I’ll have to poke around and see if I can find “Jeune et Jolie” and do what meager translation I can on it. :)
        And thanks again for recommending them. I grabbed both their albums, and Les Habits de Papier has got three starred tracks in my iTunes now. Bouzouki FTW!

        1. You’re very welcome. I thought you might like them since you are a big fan of Le Vent du Nord and Les Charbonniers de L’enfer (as am I). I’m not sure if you have found it already but Nicolas Boulerice wrote a song called Diable et le Fermier as a protest against hydrofracking. It is sung by Le Vent du Nord, Les Charbonniers de L’enfer and a female Quebecois Trad group called Galant tu Perd Ton Temps. It is unavailable to buy but it is on YouTube.

          1. Le Vent and Les Charbonniers are DEFINITELY in the lead for my explosion of Quebecois music fandom, that’s for sure! :)
            I saw the mention of Diable et le Fermier on Le Vent’s site, yeah, but hadn’t tracked it down yet. Thanks for the reminder on that!
            And OOH OOH a female trad group? I was wondering if there were any female groups that could bring it like the boys do, I am absolutely going to have to check out Galant tu Perd Ton Temps! I see they are on iTunes, too! Yay! :) :)

            1. If your looking for a female Trad group you might want to check out Gadelle and Vichten as well. They are not Quebecois but Acadian and both from PEI.

    2. *snork!* Thanks. :)
      Now I just have to find the appropriate reel to stick on the tail end of it, as well as an appropriate jig to put into the bridge. Also, it has occurred to me that after every chorus, the words must VERY CLEARLY be echoed with appropriate deedle-ums!

  1. I think I’ve actually heard of Vichten, that name sounds vaguely familiar! But thanks!
    I’m listening to Galant’s samples on iTunes, and I’ve found their site! Oh my yes I shall buy their albums too. Yay, girls on my Francophone playlists! :) :)

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