Going offline for my grandmother’s funeral

This morning when I woke up I had the word from my brother Donnie in email that our grandmother had passed away. Got it confirmed by my Aunt Teresa later by phone. It’s not really a surprise, given that this was Grandma Hyson, the same grandmother who suffered a stroke several weeks ago. I was expecting to get a call like this at some point this year.

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck, though.

userinfosolarbird and I are heading to Kentucky for the funeral on Tuesday. We’ll be flying out tomorrow and coming back on Wednesday, and y’all should assume that my ability to pay attention to the Internet will be sporadic at best, although I do plan to have my phone. So assume radio silence on all blogs/journals and social networks until I resurface on Wednesday.

Anybody who really does need to get in touch with me, though, I will be monitoring my email. And there’s also always voice, if you have my cell phone number.

And here is my grandmother in her younger years, thanks to a picture just recently sent me by my sister Sarah in email. I really like this picture. I think that if Grandma had been a heroine in a novel, she would have been described as “not a traditional beauty, but a handsome and striking woman nonetheless.”

Hyson Sherer 6-29-53
Hyson Sherer 6-29-53

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  1. wish your visit were under happier circumstances, but we’ll take what we can get :) So glad you and Dara are going to be able to make the trip in. Of course, you are more than welcome to stay with us (we live about an hour and 15 minutes from Louisville, so not the handiest, but just wanted you to know the invite is there)
    and yes, I love this picture of Grandma, too :) She looks stunning here. Becky and I are going to work on putting together a slideshow of pictures to have at the funeral home.

    1. I appreciate the offer to stay with you! However, Dara and I have already booked ourselves a hotel room in Louisville.

      Looking forward to seeing you and again, I really appreciate you sending this picture and all the others around.

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