Survey of usage

Hi all,

Dara and I wanted to communicate with everybody that in the last many months we have been highly, HIGHLY dissatisfied with the state of our Internet service at the Murkworks. The quality of service we’ve had has been extremely erratic; our bandwidth has been very unstable, and far too often we’ve been actively down. This cannot continue.

But in order to make informed decisions about what course of action to pursue to improve matters, we need to hear about who’s using the Murkworks resources regularly, and in what fashion. So if you’re doing anything regularly on our servers, please let us know.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Hosting personal or professional web pages, whether for yourself or an organization
  • A regularly maintained email account
  • An active mailing list
  • Primary or secondary DNS for domains
  • Using account space for a backup of personal files

So please check in, folks. It’s important for us to get a real sense of who’s actively using the system. Thanks!

6 Replies to “Survey of usage”

  1. I’ve just been using it for random images that aren’t up on my own site, primarily.

    1. Thanks for checking in! I had you in mind already for one of our regular web users, but it’s good to have you officially noted. (And of course the LexFA list is an active mailing list.)

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