Yet another power outage

But at least this one was short.

Woke up around 5:30, and failed to get back to sleep in the Comfy Blankets of Comfiness, so around 6:30 I thought “screw it” and got up with the intention of having a nice leisurely breakfast and then heading out for work. So there I was boiling water for tea and opening up the laptop to start my morning perusal of the Intarwebz, when suddenly–PANG! NO POWER!

Couple of nervous-making flickers, too. So I went to shut down the server core, and while userinfospazzkat came up to feed the cats and turn on a lantern to light the kitchen, I went up to wake up userinfosolarbird and let her know the power was out. A call to Puget Sound Energy told us only that “equipment failure” was the cause of the outage, and that it had apparently impacted 1,165 customers. YAY!

So I headed on into work a little early, getting market berries on the way for breakfast nomming, and shortly after I got to work Dara jumped on IM to let me know that we were back. And that I’d accidentally shut the servers down for reboot, not shutdown. Oops. *^_^*;;

Anyway folks, those of you with resources, please to be doublechecking them and make sure that they’re functioning correctly. We should be fine, but never hurts to doublecheck. And oh yes, for those of you who log onto it, the MurkMUSH is up!