LJ->DW commenting shift

FYI, all: if I know you have an active journal over on Dreamwidth, and I know you’re clearly crossposting over to here, I’ll be shifting commenting traffic there unless you have LJ content that isn’t actually on Dreamwidth. In which case you’ll still get my comment traffic on LJ. (My beloved userinfosolarbird, I’m looking at you. <3) I am not, repeat, not bailing on LJ for general reasons of remaining available to the widest potential number of people who might be interested in my writing; this is simply an effort on my part to support Dreamwidth traffic and the fact that I do have a paid account over there. So as I mentioned in an earlier post, if you're there and we've already Friended each other on LJ, feel free to pick me up on Dreamwidth too. Or, keep following me on LJ, or even via WordPress. Whatever your heart desires; it's all good!