All services are now online

The power came back on not long before it was time for me to get up anyway–which was long enough of a delay that I got to fail to go back to proper sleep for about three and a half hours, yay! Kept dozing and dreaming that the power was back on NO WAIT NO IT ISN’T no wait do I hear power trucks outside AUGH zzzzzzz.

Set the alarm on my iPhone to go off at my usual get up time, only to discover that my bedside clock had gotten fast by 20 minutes, so it actually woke me up first. Stumbled awake to get ready for work, resurrect the servers, and reset the blinking clocks.

Still don’t know what exactly happened; Puget Sound Energy’s automated message said they were on top of things and damage crews had been dispatched when I called around 3am. No notice on their web site though about what might have happened. I’ll have to see if I can find some news or something.

Anyway, newmoon, lodestone, and door are alive again, so all services should be functional. Anybody with mailing list subscriptions or web pages or DNS or whatever on our site, if you see any issues, let me know!