Well THAT was Great Big Fun

Just got back from the zoo, you guys! Picoreview: delightful as always, especially up in the dancing area surrounded by fellow OKPers and other people ready, willing, and able to bounce like crazy along with our B’ys.

Huge shoutouts to , , , , her spouse Clint whose LJ I still can’t remember, , , , and coordinating me with and and to get the disparate parts of our group together!

Also huge shoutouts to , , and especially , who I haven’t seen and jammed with in TOO DAMNED LONG I SAY.

Even saw and greeted several OKPers besides sticckler: shelleyroberts, shoegirl, and loulabelle! And there was a lady whose name I didn’t get who was kind enough to compliment my singing as I was belting out harmony during “Chemical Worker’s Song”! Thank you, kind lady!

But! EXTRA DOUBLE AWESOME SHOUTOUTS back to for getting me a guitar pick from the hand of The Doyle Himself. She saw it fall and scarfed it, and presented it to me after the show! In return, I bought her a copy of Up, GBS’ third album! THANK YOU SARAH! <3 I shall play only Awesome Songs of Awesomeness with this pick!

Lastly it must be said that Alan is not only still pretty, but and I are in strong agreement that in fact, he gets prettier the longer a show continues. By the time he gets to “Ordinary Day”, he is stunningly gorgeous. Trufax! Scientifically proven!

There is of course a longer full show review post coming, but that’ll be tomorrow, after I have my brain back. Watch this space for the fully detailed squee!

2 Replies to “Well THAT was Great Big Fun”

  1. I agree with you Anna! I don’t think the man takes a bad picture, and he seems completely unaware of his looks! I was lucky enoughto get a.pic with him! It says something when your husband is just as excited about snapping a pic of you with another man who has his arm around you! He’ s just as charming.up close!

    1. Yeah, I’ve had a couple of up-close encounters with him, too, and god yes his charisma blows your socks off. :D

      I saw you mention on the OKP that you scored pics! Excellent, I’ll have to go check what you said on the forum thread–and I need to do my full post, for that matter! I’ve been busy all weekend working on our entry for the karaoke contest!

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