Need help with a repro before 9am Pacific

Anybody got a moment to doublecheck a problem for me?

If you have visited the Big Fish Games website before you may have noticed we have a feature called Tomorrow’s Game Today. We’ve had reports of the TGT vanishing for an hour on our Japanese site–and since as of 8am our time the TGT was supposed to show up, can anybody confirm whether you see it?

If you check our US site first and scroll down a bit, you should see a blue module with a yellow timer on its header on the left sidebar. This module contains the Tomorrow’s Game Today, and under it, today’s Daily Deal. Our US site is here.

Once you see what the module looks like, go to our JP site here and look for the same module in the same place. It should also have two games in it. If you don’t see the TGT, that’s the bug.

This module also appears on our New Releases page here. On that page the module is at the top of the right sidebar. Please check there too!

If you can repro the problem please drop a comment and let me know what browser you are using, including version number. Thanks in advance all!

ETA 9:25am: Thanks to everybody who’s looked so far! No need to look for the rest of today, since the 8am-9am Pacific time window is crucial. There will be another opportunity to check during that time frame tomorrow.

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  1. Module shows up for me on the JP main page. It does NOT show (nor does the page finish loading; it leaves a spinner on the top of the sidebar) on the New Releases page. Opera 9.63 on Ubuntu 8.04.

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