Vertical Movement is ON

This just in, for those of you who aren’t members of and/or not on the band’s mailing list: they’re playing the Woodland Park Zoo again this summer! The show date is July 29th, and tickets go on pre-sale for members of this Friday the 23rd!

I am of course ALL OVER THIS. Any local people want me to snag tickets, please to sing out NOW. I’m pretty sure I’ll be limited to eight, and three of them will already be spoken for since I’ll be buying for myself, userinfosolarbird, and userinfospazzkat.

Anybody who doesn’t need me to buy tickets but will be at the show anyway, please also sing out because I’d love to know who to look out for. If you didn’t go to the zoo show they did in 2007, seriously, consider going to this, because it’ll be a kid-friendly setting AND outdoors and the zoo is an awesome place to see the B’ys perform. Do please note that July 29th is a Thursday, if you need to rearrange your work schedule–and according to the band’s site’s tour page, the doors (well, the concert area, in this case) will open at 5pm and the show will start at 6pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! :)

ETA: All of my ticket slots are claimed now! But don’t let that stop you from joining the site and jumping in on the presale yourself. Signup’s free, and sometimes being a site member means you can get advance goodies on album releases as well!

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