Augh Castle cliffhanger AUGH

And now that I have shiny new Castle icons, I can use one to post about last night’s Castle episode because ZOMG CLIFFHANGER YOU CLIFFHANGERY BASTARDS!


Jealous Beckett is Jealous! Federal Chick stomping in on her turf AND her writer? Grr! Grr!

“There’s an APP for that?” Hee hee hee.

Ryan, scribbling: “Witness… refuses… to… cooperate…” Bwahahaha.

YAY for actual references to the actual Heat Wave novel. I love that they’re doing continuity between the novel and the show that way.

Also LULZ for a Nikki Heat movie! Hands up if you follow @WriteRCastle on Twitter and saw the hint dropped there about the forthcoming special announcement from the agent. ;)

And AUGH CLIFFHANGER AUGH. And the look on poor Rick’s face when he saw Beckett’s building go splody AUGH.