I need your book recommendations!

Okay, so it’s a quiet Friday afternoon and work is quiet and I’m bored, so I turn to you, O Internet, for the answer to the following vital question:

I have a 15% Barnes and Noble member coupon! Since I can’t spend it on ebooks, what recently released print book should I spend it on?

Leave your answer in the comments! (And if your answer is userinfoseanan_mcguire‘s A Local Habitation, I already bought that! Same for Carrie Ryan’s The Dead-Tossed Waves, the sequel to her awesome book from last year, The Forest of Hands and Teeth.) If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, check my Goodreads shelves for more pointers on what I already own or plan to buy.

ETA Sunday 11:01pm: A couple of you have answered this since Friday, so just in case anybody else answers this, please be advised that I have already spent the coupon. ;) Don’t let that stop you from offering recommendations for my later reference, though! But as I’ve also mentioned a couple of times in the comments, right now I’m in a mood to read stuff that actually isn’t urban fantasy, since I’ve had way too much of that in my reading diet the last few years and I’d like to vary my intake for a bit. Thanks!