More book roundups!

I’ve gotten onto a kick of replacing all my J.D. Robbs with ebook versions, since there are so many of those that that will clear a good chunk of my shelf space off. As a result, I’ve also been re-reading the series from the beginning, which has been pretty fun; look for forthcoming review posts. For bonus fun, since she just came out with a new one, Fictionwise had a big rebate going for her titles. Which naturally meant I had to pick up several!

Before I get back to that, though, I need to finish my run through Laurie King novels, which will culminate in my review of the ARC I just got of God of the Hive!

So, ebooks purchased recently:

  • Rapture in Death, Ceremony in Death, Vengeance in Death, Holiday in Death, Conspiracy in Death, Loyalty in Death, and Witness in Death, by J.D. Robb. Romance/mystery, ebook re-buys.
  • The Language of Bees, by Laurie R. King. Mystery.

And, since I picked up a couple of print books today after taking several J.D. Robbs to Third Place:

  • A Local Habitation, by userinfoseanan_mcguire. Urban fantasy.
  • The Dead-Tossed Waves, by Carrie Ryan. YA. This is the “companion novel” to The Forest of Hands and Teeth, which I really loved! Very much looking forward to reading this.

Total books purchased for 2010: 85