Book roundup post

I may have shiny nookity goodness on the immediate horizon, but this ain’t stopping me from buying print books when the occasion calls for it. And the new release of Alcestis by Katharine Beutner warranted it.

This is a new retelling of the Greek myth about Alcestis–only in this version, when she winds up in Hades, she falls in love with Persephone. And since I do love me some Persephone, I felt it was vital to check this out. Plus, Ms. Beutner is a fellow Outer Alliance author, so there ya go!

Also picked up recently in print form:

Picked up in ebook form:

  • Murder on the Cliffs: A Daphne du Maurier Mystery, by Joanna Challis. Mystery.
  • Children of Amarid, by David B. Coe. Fantasy.
  • Ariadne’s Web, Gods of Fire and Thunder, and Empire of the East, all by Fred Saberhagen. Fantasy.
  • The Medusa Project, by Cindy Dees. Romance.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series #42: Memory Prime, by Garfield Reese-Stevens and Judith Reese-Stevens. Self-explanatory. ;)
  • Benighted, by Kit Whitfield. Urban fantasy.
  • Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight, by userinfomizkit. Urban fantasy.

Note please that Murder on the Cliffs, Children of Amarid, the Saberhagens, and the Durgin release are all Macmillan authors. Note also that Children of Amarid is as per earlier recommendation, as are the Saberhagens–though it is vexing to me that Saberhagen’s Book of the Gods series does not appear to be consistently available in ebook form!

I grabbed the Trek novel just because it’s one of the ones I read when I went through my obligatory Trek novel phase, and it’s one of the ones I remember fondly, so I wanted an ebook copy of it! And of course, Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight is userinfomizkit‘s new novella. Which y’all should go buy from her.

Total books acquired in 2010: 45. My quest to own every book in the universe: proceeding nicely.