Whoa! Family history FTW!

My little sister userinfowildshadowstar sent me a lovely, lovely thing in email today: a whole bunch of scanned-in copies of old photographs from our grandmother. Nearly 10 megs’ worth. I’m not going to post them all, but I totally need to share a couple of them with you.

This first one is in Naples, Italy, in 1944. That dog-tag-wearing guy on the right? That there is my grandfather, Jim Sherer. I totally do not remember him; he died when I was very small. I have vague impressions of him as a much older man, heavier and ruddy-faced and with much less hair. But I can’t honestly say whether that’s because of pictures I saw of him; I have no recollections of his physical presence.

But wow. This is my granddad as a soldier. Wow.

There are several pictures of my mother as a little girl, too. Everybody in my family keeps telling me that I look so much like her, but it’s really driven home to me seeing this pictures. Especially this one. I love her expression here.

The coup de grace, though, is this one. Four, count ’em, four generations of women from my family. On the far right is my great-grandmother Margaret, who I again completely fail to remember. Next to her is my grandmother Hyson. Next to her? That there is my mom, Judy Highland. And that blonde moppet in her lap? That’s ME.

I’m thrilled to have these. I think I need to send my grandma a letter to thank her for sharing them with the family. They’re wonderful. Many kudos to Becky for sharing them online too. <3