Book Log #105: Birthright, by Nora Roberts

I’m sure that people with more archaeology clues than me could find all sorts of issues with Nora Roberts’ Birthright, wherein much of the plot is driven by finding a several-thousand-year-old burial site near the small town of Woodsboro. But really, this is all background to the main plot of this story: Callie Dunbrook discovering that the parents who raised her are not really her parents, and that in reality, she was born to different parents entirely and kidnapped from them when she was a baby.

Callie’s investigations into her background are joined by her ex-husband Jacob, her long-lost brother Douglas, and the lawyer Lana. As is pretty much expected with Nora, the romance that re-kindles between Callie and Jacob as well as the new romance between Douglas and Lana are the driving forces of this book. And, as is pretty much expected with Nora, they’re all reasonably engaging people who have to figure each other out in the process of discovering the truth behind Callie’s abduction–and whether the perpetrator committed the same crime with other children. Meanwhile, Callie must learn how to cope with having a whole extra set of parents, and there’s a lot of emotional interaction involved with that that happily never descends into hostility between her birth mother and the one who raised her.

All in all, nothing truly outstanding but a good solid read nonetheless. Three stars.