*tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

So yeah, if you’re reading this, you’re either visiting my shiny new official writer-type page at angelakorrati.com, or else you’re seeing a mirrored post over to my Livejournal and JournalFen accounts. Either way, hiya. This is the inaugural post to break in my actual writer site.

Not too much to report here yet and probably won’t be until Faerie Blood comes out. I’m still awaiting the proposed cover art and requested edits from my editor, which will hopefully come in soon. We’re tentatively aiming to have FB ready to come out by March.

In the meantime, for those of you who haven’t already, I invite you to go around to Drollerie Press in general, and in particular, check out the first official Drollerie Authors Blog Tour.

If you’re already reading my LJ, you don’t also have to follow angelakorrati.com; I’ll be mirroring its posts over to Livejournal. Angelakorrati.com’s posts will be exclusively about writing news and interesting things happening with the books.

But regardless of how you read me, glad to see you doing so. Watch this space, whatever space that might be, for more!

5 Replies to “*tap tap tap* Is this thing on?”

  1. I swore I would never do this, but… FIRST COMMENT! *grin*

    Very snazzy setup you have here :-)

    March? Of this year? Really? Ooh. Now, once I buy it, I’m going to need to work out how I’m going to get it autographed. Will you be at Worldcon this year?

  2. Hee, yes, March of this year. Hopefully. Note that this will be an electronic release, not a print one. The print one is still unscheduled.

    Worldcon is up in the air. The spouse and I need to nail down whether we want to actually put down the money–but oh yes so very tempting. If I do wind up arranging to go, I’ll definitely announce it.

    And re: snazziness, thanks! Installing WordPress was amazingly easy.

  3. I certainly am! It’s in Montreal, so it’s also an excuse to visit my parents. Two trips, one set of airfare. Works for me!

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