Site update

Once again, y’all may notice, the group has sort of fallen silent for a while! Unfortunately Real Life has continued to interfere with the ability of several of us to get together and make music — so at least for the time being two out of the three members of the guitar section are on a sabbatical of indefinite length. But both Patrick and Monica have expressed their desires to rejoin us when they’re ready!

In the meantime there is still one Jam Report I am behind on… and this past Sunday we did in fact have another Jam, during which we had the pleasure of playing with three songs we hadn’t played with before. Watch this space for these reports to come soon, as your faithful albeit desperately behind Jam Reporter endeavors to get caught up.

In the meantime, Fred has reported the link for McSpadden Dulcimers, the makers of both of his dulcimers, which I have added to the Links page, and he has also given me a new haiku!