Site update

And in this episode of I Really Ought to Answer My Email More Regularly Theater, a new friend of one of our number (HI FRED) actually used our Contact Form to let us know he’d heard some of our stuff. And another reader who actually originally wrote me late last year told me that he’d been inspired by our Jam Reports to keep his own musical journal; thanks Hobbit! It’s these sorts of things which perk up a girl’s heart and let her know that she’s not just babbling into the ether. Well, in this case, she is babbling into the ether, but it seems at least a couple people are listening!

If there are folks still out there waiting for new Jam Reports, I do have another on the way, though our Jams have continued to be erratic as of late. This is what happens when Life gets in the way of folks’ ability to make music! Your friendly neighborhood Jam Reporter, at least, has continued to commune with her guitar and is having adventures in learning wacky chords such as Em7, Am7, D6, Cdim, and D7-9. And every so often making Ragamuffin make some noises which could arguably be described as ‘expressive’.

Oh, and in the meantime, since I can, I am going to put in a shameless plug for my brother Donnie’s band’s forthcoming album. He is the drummer for the band Outspoken, and they’re about to put out their debut album Bitter Shovel; check out the details on their official web site. I’m just a competent amateur, but hey, my brother’s a pro. ;)

But anyway. Just remember, folks: Feedback = Good. Inspire me to post something else, and let me know you’re waiting!