Site update

We didn’t really expect to go on this long of a hiatus, folks — or, rather, I should say that I didn’t expect the updating of this web page to go on such a major hiatus. But although life interfered with the posting of Jam Reports to a rather hefty extent these past couple of months, Three Good Measures has continued to jam. And I’ve finally managed to take enough time to post the first of three Jam Reports on the way: Jam #55.

Y’all will also notice that I’ve given the site a face-lift as well. I was tired of the old look, and wanted something more colorful and a bit smoother looking in appearance. Plus, I’ve done some re-organization of information; all the news updates from 2001 and 2002 are on their own page now, for the curious who’d like to be able to look at older things that have happened to us.

I have also rearranged the Jam Reports. They’re organized by year now, and on individual Jam Report pages you should be able to see links to all the Jam Reports in that year both at the top and the bottom of the page. I’m hoping this will help with navigation in general and make it easier to browse the Jam Reports. I’ve also done some tweaking under the hood; y’all may notice that the URL format for a given Jam Report has changed. For the technically inclined out there, I’ve done some PHP tweaking which will hopefully make it easier and faster for me to get new Jam Reports up.

Anyway, happy new year all. We’re still here and still jamming, and hopefully I’ll be able to update this thing more often!