Site update

At last! At last! The Eludium PU-36 Explosive Space Modula–ahem. Er. Sorry, folks, wrong cartoon. ;)

Contrary to what might be evidenced by the silence on this site as of late, we have in fact not stopped jamming; it’s just been that the Jam Reporter has been extraordinarily lame in posting the Jam Reports! As of tonight, at any rate, I am proud to finally get Jam #50 and Jam #51 posted, and today’s Jam Report will be coming post-haste. Inspiration to finally get this done was provided by a prod in email from one of our Alert Readers, who wondered where the heck we’d been, and who cunningly crafted his inquiry to me in haiku form. It is now duly enshrined on the Haiku page.

As is mentioned in the new Jam Reports, though, the major new news we have going for us is that we will in fact be playing in front of Actual People, at Monica’s upcoming wedding! Congratulations to the Happy Bride will be gratefully accepted via our Contact Form, as well as as much encouragement as those of us who will be playing for her can get.