Site update

Life has been complicated for the members of Three Good Measures lately. A lot of us have had things happen to cause upheavals in our lives as of late — not the least of which is the unexpected passing away of our friend Jen in Nova Scotia. We heard about this via the bulletin board, and were all very shocked and saddened to get the news. We have dedicated our web page to her memory.

On a more positive note, however, we are pleased to bring Dana Chauncey into our midst — the same Dana who has sat in once so far for a session with us. She is a fellow 30 Odd Foot of Grunts fan, along with myself and Cyn, and will be contributing vocals initially until she is comfortable with the guitar and possibly also the fiddle. Y’all look for her on our Bios page!

Dana joined us for today’s session, Jam #29, now posted on the Jams index along with Jam #28 as well. Oh, and we have a couple more haiku on the Haiku page, too. One of ’em was even written by a FAN!